1946 – 2017

Paul Farren

Paul Farren ride in peace
Great Victorian Bike Ride founder and vintage bike enthusiast

Paul Farren truly lead a wonderful life. He was loved by many for his intelligence, humour and generosity

A highly accomplished dentist, his passion was evident at his memorial service when the huge number of attendees received a toothbrush as a reminder of the importance of brushing.

He was also an accomplished musician who played the saxophone with great passion. His groovy sax solo was no doubt a key to his band’s victory in 1981 on television’s New Faces.

Everyone who loves bike riding should be grateful for Paul’s love of bikes and riding. Paul and his beloved wife Charlie (Bicycle Victoria President from 1986-9) are well known for having one of the world’s outstanding collection of vintage bikes.

We’ll be forever grateful for Paul’s incredible contribution to Bicycle Network events. He was there right from the start being responsible for coming up with the name Great Victorian Bike Ride.

Through the 1980s he was instrumental in designing some of the ingenious specialist equipment required to run our events like a mobile dishwashing machine, showers and toilets.

Most people are shocked when they learn that Bicycle Network does not outsource events to an event company. I believe that’s the great legacy of men such as Paul Farren.

A display of some of Paul Farren’s bike collection
Paul Farren
Paul Farren