Media Releases

Active transport grants help the choice to ride

Bicycle Network has welcomed the Tasmanian Government’s announcement today of active transport grant recipients across the state. “Safer cycle paths to get people to work, school, shops and services are essential if we are going to give people transport choices,” Tasmanian spokesperson Alison Hetherington said. “We know more people would ride for transport if there [...]

New website useful tool to combat bike theft

Media Release30 November 2022 Bicycle Network has welcomed the new Tasmanian Police and Crimestoppers Bikelinc website as another tool to help Tasmanian bike owners combat theft. “Finding your bike has been stolen is gut-wrenching, especially if you rely on it to get around,” Bicycle Network spokesperson Alison Hetherington said. “Bikes aren’t just another possession, for [...]

Bikes should be part of the plan

Bicycle Network will be calling for bike parking to be mandated in new apartment buildings and workplaces in its submission to the government’s five-year review of the statewide planning process. “The State Planning Provisions take us backwards when it comes to helping people to ride a bicycle for transport,” Tasmanian Public Affairs Manager Alison Hetherington [...]