Three great reasons to give an e-bike a go

They’re fun, they’re convenient and they’re taking the world by storm. Motivated by all kinds of factors, Australia, thousands of people are now choosing e-bikes as a mode of transport. Will you join the movement?
Close-up view of an e-bike battery on the down tube of a blue bike, with #Together We Ride written on the tube.

Should you worry about battery safety?

The safety of lithium ion batteries has been in the news recently, with a fire in the southern suburb of Electrona and Hobart landlord banning e-bike charging.

Come to our E-bike Expo

As part of its efforts to promote healthy living and active transport in the community, Bicycle Network will be running an E-bike Expo at the Brunswick Velodrome on Sunday 7 April.

Anti-lock braking for e-bikes

Bringing a heavy e-bike to a rapid stop on slippery roads can be a nerve-wracking—or worse—experience for riders who have embraced the electric-assist world.