Help more students share the Great Vic experience

The Great Vic Bike Ride is the ultimate school camp, but some students find it more challenging than others to join us.

Over the last 39 years, Bicycle Network has brought thousands of students on our action-packed adventures across the state.

This year, in celebration of the Great Vic’s 40th anniversary, Bicycle Network has established the Great Vic Schools Support Fund.

Our inclusive program aims to raise funds to help bring more students on this year’s three, five, or nine-day ride from Wodonga to Healesville (Saturday 23 November to Sunday 1 December).

The Great Vic offers students the chance to learn important life skills – and develop resilience, co-operation and independence. Teachers tell us it increases their confidence and engagement when they return to school.

We know that riding a bike can transform a life.

Bikes encourage independence and build confidence, and they change young people’s attitudes to health and exercise.

The Great Vic experience helps students develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

Bicycle Network takes care of campsites, food, medical and mechanical assistance and provides comprehensive on-route support.

And we love to see bikes of all kinds join the adventure.

Games, entertainment and a big dose of camaraderie are thrown in.

Students who join the Great Vic all share in the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of spending consecutive days on the bike.

Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting more students sign up for the 40th anniversary Great Vic Bike Ride.

Please donate to the Great Vic Schools Support Fund. Donations are tax deductible.

If your school has a story to tell us about a student who might need support to join the Great Vic, please email us at:

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