October 2023

Epsom Road plan revealed

A new pedestrian crossing being installed on Epsom Road in Kensington has raised initial concern among riders that they could be put at risk by being forced to merge into fast traffic.

Train disruptions on the way

Riders in Melbourne counting on trains to complete their journeys in the coming weeks sould be mindful of bus replacement services that may impact their journeys.

What’s on in the bike riding community?

Spring has in the air and it's a great time to be out enjoying life on two wheels. Looking for a little camaraderie and community spirit while you do it? Here are a few fun events to get those wheels turning.

Surf Coast Highway closure

Riders using the popular Surf Coast Highway route to Torquay from Geelong may encounter minor disruption this weekend due to level crossing works.

Singapore ups the cost of driving

As every bike rider knows Australia drivers have a sense of entitlement: they own the road and the rest of us can use it only at their grace and favour.
A line of colourfully clad riders stand with their bikes with one arm in the air with Hobart's waterfront buildings the backdrop.

Tassie Bike News Bites

Sunny weather encourages Ride2Work Sunny weather on Ride2Work Day last week helped more people get on their bikes, with one of our biggest breakfast turnouts on the Hobart waterfront in many years. Politicians, families, long-term riders and first-timers all came together to enjoy coffees and pastries, get their bikes checked and make a smoothie. Hats [...]