October 2020

Exhibition Street work set to start

Work is set to start on the first stretch of protected bike lanes on Exhibition Street between Flinders and Bourke Streets in the Melbourne CBD.

Safety boost for the Boulie

Road cameras have been rolled out on Yarra Boulevard to target the elusive boulie tacker, hoons and other anti-social behaviour.

More trains, bikes to gain

Trains will start running on the new elevated Upfield line on 2 November, signalling that construction will soon enough turn to the new bike trail.
Federation Trail flood

Flooded trail fixed, for now

The incessant flooding of the Federation Trail at Laverton North may be a thing of the past. Fingers crossed.

World Heritage sites give cars the boot

Some of the most valued and appreciated places in the world are taking a lesson from the COVID-19 lockdown and keeping their streets clear of motor cars.