Moto rider sentenced to 9 years over bike death

A motorcycle rider has been sentenced to nine years in prison over the death of a bike rider on a shared path in Perth.

Tyson Michael Denny, 25, was found guilty of manslaughter after his unregistered off-road motorcycle — travelling illegally on the shared path — struck a bike rider who was stopped and standing beside his bicycle.

Denny was observed speeding along the trail, at times riding on one wheel. The court heard his speed was equal to the traffic along Roe Highway, parallel to the path, and estimated to be between 80 and 100km/h.

He failed to remain at the scene and did not render assistance to the victim, 84-year-old John Peters, who died in hospital 11 days later.

The collision fractured Peters’ spine and pelvis, lacerated his spleen, ruptured his bowel and caused him severe brain bleeding.

Denny had consumed alcohol and cannabis on the day of the collision.

In her sentencing remarks, Justice Amanda Forrester said that it was almost inevitable that Denny was going to hit someone that day, given his manner of riding on a pathway that he was not permitted to be on.

"You displayed a complete disregard for other people who might have been using the pathway that day."

“I’m still not sure you completely understand. I attribute this to your emotional immaturity and tendency to see yourself as a victim,” she said.

Justice Forrester praised the actions of truck driver, Trevor McArthur, who witnessed to incident and stopped, noting that no other member of the public stopped to help.

"Clearly he was extremely distressed by what he had seen, but he was singularly focused on getting help for Mr Peters. He deserves considerable praise," Justice Forrester said.