November 2017


St Kilda Road: Wrong lane, go back

Alarm bells are ringing following the release of draft plans for the new Domain Station that show the wrong bike lane infrastructure through the precinct.

Transport updates for the RACV Great Vic

Out of concern for the wellbeing of our riders, volunteers and the wider team, we’ve had to make the heart-wrenching decision to not ride to Glengarry on Saturday.
Bicycle Network will fight George Street ban

Fight the George Street ban

Earlier this month we exposed NSW government plans for George Street ban for bike riders once the light rail project is completed. With trams added to the street, bikes will be banned – the only mode of transport to be excluded. Sydney bike riders, such as Saul, have been waiting patiently during construction of the tram [...]
Bicycle Network reviews the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Acclaimed Oxford Street plan excludes bikes

Recently announced plans to make one of the world’s premier shopping streets – London’s Oxford Street – car free have been welcomed with wonder and acclaim. But did anyone pause to question what the plan did for bikes? You guessed it: the plan excludes bikes from the street. Oxford Street is a key east-west bike [...]
Automotive era

Car guru: end of automotive era

The end of the automotive era is approaching, ringing the death knell for the performance car, according to one of the men who was responsible for bringing us that very era.