Albert Street West drawings
Albert Street soon complete

The City of Melbourne starts work on the missing bike lanes in the final block of Albert Street East Melbourne next week, bringing separated bike lanes right in to the CBD.

Albert Street is a key artery bringing bikes in from the East and the City of Melbourne has long placed a priority on building good, attractive infrastructure along the route.

Work started in 2010, but has been slow because of opposition from the usual chorus of muppets chanting that the end was nigh.

But thanks to determination at the Town Hall, and the support of the riding community, the end really is nigh.

Work earlier this year improved the route at the east end of the street, and now lanes are going in between Gisborne St and Nicholson Street at the city end.

The works will be disruptive and riders will need to take care in the work zone, and follow the traffic management directions.

Work is expected to take about six weeks, so will probably go though to the end of the year.

The new lanes will be aligned along the kerb, behind barrier islands and car parking.

The lanes will be 1.8m, with an 850 mm barrier.