Rugged weather for Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain

Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain has made a name for itself as a rugged event, with brutal climbs and unpredictable weather, and this weekend will be no different.

While temperatures on Sunday will range from 4 to 14 degrees in Devonport, Cradle Mountain will start at -4 degrees and only get as high as 8 degrees, with the possibility of snow and ice on the road.

Bicycle Network will be doing a thorough sweep of the route on Sunday morning to clear debris and mark any icy or dangerous areas with fluorescent paint and bollards.

Being prepared and riding with care is a key part of any Peaks Challenge ride, and this weekend will be no different. Riders should wear appropriate kit and use the clothing valet service.

We've also put together some tips to tackle icy conditions. 

  • Be cautious and aware: remember that ice may be present and to ride safely so that you can control your bike in all circumstances. You may come across 'black ice' on the road that is hard to see, so always be in control.
  • The higher you are, the higher the chance of ice: ice is more likely to be present on the road to Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake than in Devonport, but be aware all the time.
  • Use your back brake: if you hit your front brakes quickly and heavily on ice it can be very easy to lose control.
  • Stay steady: keep pedalling and don’t make any sudden changes of direction if you are riding on ice.
  • Don’t panic: it’s always best to stay calm which will help you make better decisions.

Click here for weather forecasts for Tasmania.

There is plenty of further information available for riders preparing to tackle Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain. Check out our event info page with the ride guide, key times and registration instructions, maps and more.

Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain has been held by Bicycle Network since 2015 and is proudly supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife.

It is part of the Peaks Challenge Series that began at Falls Creek in the Victorian Alps in 2010.