Farm Road Alphington
New Alphington link to Darebin Creek

The State Government has promised to build a new link to the Darebin Creek Trail via Farm Road in Alphington.

The link will connect to the Darebin Creek – Yarra River trail link now under construction.

The Farm Road link was always envisaged, but was not included in the original planning permit for the nearby project, which was obtained in VCAT only after a protracted fight with opponents.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan said the Farm Road Link was a local extension of the Darebin Trail. 

It will be built as part of the Government’s $18m Darebin Trail Link that will provide access to more than 600 kilometres of off-road trails and open up connections to a number of key trails including the Main Yarra Trail, Anniversary Trail and Capital City Trail.

The local link will connect approximately mid-way along the last 1.8 kilometre section of the Darebin Trail, where it traverses part of the La Trobe Golf Club.

"This much-needed link will provide South Alphington locals with access to the Darebin Trail and provide easier access for school children to travel to and from schools in the local area”, the Minister said.

"The new path will also provide a safer off-road option to commute to the city and other centres such as the Latrobe Employment Cluster.”

“This is great news for locals, encouraging more people to get out and about on foot and on their bikes and make the most of these unique and diverse trails.”

“We’ll be talking to locals every step of the way as we develop plans for the link to make sure it meets the community’s needs.”

VicRoads will undertake a planning study, geotechnical investigations of options and engagement with the community to determine options and ultimately the best location for the link.

Bicycle Network has been campaigning for the connections through this area for 23 years, and is counting down the days until the completion of these vital connections.

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