Pan-European master plan for bikes
Europe thinks big with a declaration on cycling

The European Commission has adopted a European Declaration on Cycling with a view to unleashing "the full potential of cycling in the European Union".

The declaration is billed as a “strategic compass for existing and future policies" and consists of 36 commitments aimed at giving bikes a boost.

These include the promotion of cycling as a healthy form of transport, targeted bike training for children and vulnerable groups, increasing safe infrastructure, integrating e-bike charging into urban planning, improving bike parking and enhancing the collection of cycling data.

CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation Jill Warren says the move is “a key milestone for cycling".

"We are delighted that the declaration reflects many of ECF’s longstanding advocacy and policy demands aimed at increasing and improving cycling in Europe, such as creating more and better cycling infrastructure and encouraging inclusive and affordable mobility." 

The adoption of the European Declaration on Cycling follows a number of positive moves Europe has made on bikes in recent years.

In 2021, 28 European nations came together came together to form the Pan-European Masterplan for Cycling Promotion in an effort to double the amount of bike riding across the continent.

In February this year, the European Commission adopted a resolution with that very same aim, and to push to make bike riding "recognized as a fully-fledged mode of transport."

The European Cycling Declaration is the commission's most ambitious bike initiative to date, according to a joint statement from the European Cyclists’ Federation, Cycling Industries Europe and the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry.

Read the full European Declaration on Cycling here.

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