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Europe's plan for bikes aims to double the kilometres pedalled

The European Parliament has adopted a new resolution aimed at doubling the amount of bike riding across the continent.

Passed on Thursday February 16, the resolution for an EU Cycling Strategy lays out a 17-point action plan to promote bike riding and double the number of kilometres pedalled by 2030.

The document is legally non-binding but is designed as a framework for policymakers working to grow bike riding in Europe.

The resolution asks the European Commission to "develop a dedicated European cycling strategy," and that bike riding be "recognized as a fully-fledged mode of transport."

It notes that bike riding has increased in popularity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising price of fossil fuels due to the Russia-Ukraine war should further encourage authorities to integrate bike infrastructure into their transport networks.

It asks member states to significantly increase investments in separated bike infrastructure and e-bike sharing schemes, ensure access to bikes among people with reduced mobility, and make bike riding more affordable for vulnerable groups and those affected by "transport poverty."

The resolution points to the need for improved educational campaigns around road safety, with particular attention needed to encourage bike riding among women and older people.

Other notable points include the need for more secure bike parking spaces and e-bike charging at homes and businesses, and for employers to promote bike riding with sufficient parking and e-bike charging, along with "adequate sanitary facilities."

The resolution aims to boost bike tourism by asking for an accelerated development of the EuroVelo network, and that policies take bikes into account in development of the Trans-European Transport Network, by adding paths along railway tracks and inland waterways where feasible.

It also calls for 2024 to be designated the European Year of Cycling.

“This important resolution, which reflects many of our longstanding advocacy and policy demands, represents a key milestone for cycling," said Jill Warren, CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation. "We applaud the entire European Parliament for adopting an EU Cycling Strategy that can unlock cycling’s potential to enable more people to cycle – and to cycle more safely – all across Europe.”

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