Three great reasons to give an e-bike a go

They’re fun, they’re convenient and they’re taking the world by storm.

Motivated by all kinds of factors, thousands of people around Australia are now choosing e-bikes as a daily mode of transport.

The benefits of e-bikes are wide-ranging and far-reaching. And sometimes all it takes for people to see them is to give an e-bike a go, experience the joy and never look back.

Ahead of the free Bicycle Network E-bike Expo at the Brunswick Velodrome this Sunday 7 April, here are three particularly compelling reasons you might want to come down and take one for a spin.

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Your body will thank you

E-bikes offer the rider some assistance as they carry out their journey, and research is starting to show what this can mean for their long-term health. Studies have shown that e-bike users still meet the guidelines of moderate intensity exercise and because it is an enjoyable form of transport, they take longer and more frequent trips.

The upshot of that is more minutes spent on the bike elevating heart rates, and therefore a higher chance of meeting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise each week. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Your wallet will thank you

The average Australian household has two cars and spends more than $21,000 a year owning and operating both. And those running costs are growing faster than inflation.

By comparison, an e-bike can be owned and operated for a fraction of that, at around $1,750: that includes charging, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. There are no road tolls, no parking fees and no registration. Which begs the question, what would you do with a spare $9000?

The planet will thank you

Getting around by e-bike will not only boost your health and your bank balance, it also does wonders for the planet. E-bikes produce 40 times less emissions than a car and are already displacing four times as much oil as electric cars are globally.

Every day in Victoria, millions of trips under 2km are driven, a distance that could be covered on an e-bike in less than 10 minutes. When it comes to sustainable transport, e-bikes are the obvious choice.

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