Reducing the burden of congestion

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If NSW is to rise above the challenges it faces with congestion, health, population growth, our communities must move away from a dependence on cars.

As our population grows, cost of living increases and housing densifies in urban areas, an ongoing and concerted effort is needed to shift commuters from an over reliance on cars to more space, energy and economically effective modes of transport.

Providing active transport infrastructure that improves and enhances connectivity and accessibility will help ease congestion woes and deliver the best mobility outcomes and greater transport choice for all of NSW.

The recommendations contained in this submission will serve to create more liveable communities by helping reduce the burden of congestion on our roads, while increasing transport choice, improving long-term health outcomes and reducing road trauma.

Bicycle Network is urging the NSW Government to fund separated cycling infrastructure, behaviour change programs and initiatives that make bike riding a low risk, convenient and enjoyable transport option.

We’re also asking the NSW Government to consider boosting cycling tourism opportunities through rail trail development as a sustainable, cost-effective and meaningful way to support regions that have been impacted by drought, floods and bushfire.

Bicycle Network urges the NSW Government to consider these recommendations carefully as they offer the greatest cost-effective opportunity to reduce congestion, improve health outcomes and connectivity and save lives on NSW roads.

Around the Mountains Cycle Trail

2020-21 NSW Budget asks

Bicycle Network is recommending the following initiatives and programs be included in the 2020-21 NSW Budget:

Build more places to ride

  • Annual bike infrastructure fund
  • Increase secure bike parking at train stations
  • Rail Trail Development fund

Get more kids riding

  • State-wide Ride2School program
  • Mind.Body.Pedal program targetting physical activity rates among teenage girls. 

Protect people who ride

  • NSW Police enforcement program for minimum passing distance


These recommendations are consistent with Bicycle Network’s previous pre-budget submissions and support the acceleration of current funding commitments, existing transport plans and funding schedules.

Download our Full submission

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