Towards a happier and healthier NSW

NSW has a problem

Physical inactivity is causing great suffering. Congestion is causing great frustration. The mounting costs are crippling. And the state’s rising population will make things worse.

The solution is clear: more happy and healthy people riding bikes. Organised sport and gyms aren’t going to solve our problems.

Encouraging more people to ride bikes for transport and recreation will build physical activity into the daily lives of the people of NSW and free up space on our roads.

Currently, NSW has the lowest number of bike riders in Australia.

Sydney King Street intersection

While Transport for NSW’s Draft Future Transport Strategy commits to building for bikes it’s going to take a staggering 40 years.

Further, the spend on bike projects is miserable: less than 1% of the infrastructure budget. 

The current Berejiklian Government needs to do more.

World-renowned urbanist Brent Toderian once said, “The truth about a city’s aspirations isn’t found in its vision, it’s found in its budget.”

It’s time the NSW budget included aspirations to create a vibrant and liveable state for the people of NSW.


Together we can get NSW moving

Bicycle Network is calling on the NSW Government to set a new budget agenda to future proof the health, happiness and liveability of our communities. 

Forward looking, ongoing investment is needed to set a new course for people who currently ride or want to start. It needs strong coordination and prioritisation across the government and its departments. 

As part of our budget submission, Bicycle Network is asking the NSW Government for four key asks over the next four years. 

1. Establish a $233 million+ annual bike fund 

Spend at least $30 per head of the NSW population. The government currently spends just over $3 per person. The fund will help fast track priority cycling projects across the state. 

2. Invest in state-wide behaviour change programs

Bicycle Network’s Ride2School and Ride2Work programs have a history of proven success and long-term behaviour change. 

3. Introduce and commit to positive provisioning 

All road and transport projects must properly prioritise bike riding as a critical outcome of the project, not an additional extra.


4. Expand opportunities for recreational cycling and cycle tourism

Funding a rail trail program provides an opportunity to boost regional tourism and recreational cycling across NSW. 


Download our Full submission

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We know collective action makes a difference.
Together we can make NSW one of the best places to ride a bike in Australia. 

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