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Invest in the active transport projects that will get more Victorians moving.

However, there has been a noticeable lack of equivalent investment in active travel projects, with the overwhelming investment from the state government going to road projects.

Victoria needs an alternative: investment and planning in transport links that will reduce the strain on our major cities. Although Victoria has the policy setting and strategies to increase active travel, it also needs the budget and investment to compliment them.

Victorians continue to subsidise car ownership through continued investment in roads and parking, incentivising a poor choice of mode and perpetuating congestion. 

In this budget submission, Bicycle Network asks the Andrews Government to invest in sustainable, healthy alternatives that are proven to get people out of cars and get them riding to the city, their local train stations and around their neighbourhoods.

Only then will we see tangible differences in our traffic volumes, health and happiness.

2020-21 Victorian Budget asks

Bicycle Network’s 2020-21 budget submission is calling on the government to invest in funding programs and initiatives that align with the strategic priorities of our organisation which represents nearly 50,000 members nationally, with a majority living in Victoria.

Build more places to ride

  • Invest in a $129 million+ bike infrastructure fund
  • Deliver key bike infrastructure projects
  • Co-fund the City of Melbourne’s Transport Strategy
  • Fund active transport at commuter hubs

Protect people who ride

  • Fund a minimum passing distance policing unit





Get more girls active




Bicycle Network urges the Andrews government to consider these recommendations carefully as they offer the greatest cost-effective opportunity to reduce congestion, improve health outcomes and connectivity, and save lives on Victorian roads.

They are based on sound evidence and support the normalisation of cycling for transport in Victoria.

Download our Full submission

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