After 10 long, frustrating years, together we can remove the Gipps Street steps


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The problem

Bike riders have to carry their bike up and down three flights of steep steps to access on of Melbourne’s most popular bike routes, the Main Yarra Trail.

  • A bug bear of people who ride bikes, the steep and often slippery Gipps Street steps in Abbotsford severs the Main Yarra Trail mid-flow.
  • Families, parents with prams, the disabled or anyone who can’t carry a bike or navigate the steps are prevented from using one of Melbourne’s premier trails and most popular commuter routes.
  • The only alternative is a circuitous, unsigned detour that includes busy roads.
  • Earlier plans have faced many issues: local community opposition, flood flows, bank stability and geotechnical drilling raised question marks.

Since 2005, successive state governments have announced funding to solve the steps without proceeding to construction.

As with all of Melbourne’s great, defining bike projects opposition has been faced. However, after more than 10 years of campaigning, meetings and even protests, we’re tired of waiting.

The solution

Build a ramp that gives access to the Main Yarra Trail for all.

In July 2017, Parks Victoria announced that is has decided on a new ramp design. This will get riders between the trail and the Collins Footbridge across the river.

Approval of a planning permit is now all that’s standing between banishment of the steps and construction getting underway. Once the permit is approved, the ramp is expected to be completed by Spring 2022.

The design includes a new viewing deck above the Yarra River, linking the new ramp to Gipps Street and the bridge.

This creates a natural meeting place for riders and walkers along the river.

The ramp will descend steadily towards Clark Street and the Abbotsford Convent, ensuring that riders of all abilities can negotiate the gradient.

Take action

It’s important that the entire bike riding community gets behind this project to ensure that we don’t have to wait another 10 years. 

With the planning permit process currently underway, here’s some other ways you can help: 

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