Chandler Highway

Together we can reduce risk and improve amenity for riders on the upgraded Chandler Highway


The problem

Chandler Highway – a narrow historic bridge linking Alphington and Kew across the Yarra River – is a dangerous squeeze point for bike riders.

People who ride, like all traffic squeezing across this historic bridge, are put at risk by insufficient space and no emergency stopping lanes.

Melbourne’s Chandler Highway is a popular thoroughfare for bike commuters, recreational riders and cyclists keen to access the popular adjacent Yarra Boulevard training route. 

This bridge has long been identified as one of the worst causes of congestion in Melbourne but successive state governments have failed to establish a solution.

Bicycle Network has participated in the latest round of design development and has negotiated a good outcome for bike riders.

Chandler Highway historic bridge dangerous squeeze point for bike riders

The solution

Separation for riders who need it and on-road lanes for road-going cyclists

Chandler Highway transformation begins

In August 2017, work began on the new $110M Chandler Highway bridge over the Yarra River at Alphington, a project that promises to fix some key connections on Melbourne’s bike routes. Construction is set to be completed by mid 2018. 

The Chandler Highway upgrade includes:

  • The existing historic bridge will be converted to incorporate a shared used trail for bike riders and walkers.
  • Road riders who choose to ride on the new six-lane road bridge will have a bike lane up the hill when heading north, and a partial facility when going downhill towards the south.
  • There will also be a new connection from the Main Yarra Trail to the Yarra Boulevard, and new traffic lights at the Boulevard-Chandler intersection.
  • The infamous 79 steps on the Main Yarra Trail will be by-passed with a new trail connection under the bridge and along the Yarra.
  • Further improvements will be made to the intersection at Heidelberg Road with a hook-turn box installed.

For updates on works, please visit the VicRoads website

Take action

With a solution underway, you can still help us keep the pressure on VicRoads to bring this project to completion.

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