Seal Heritage Forest path to Vermont Road

Together we can seal the path all the way to Vermont Road


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The problem

Park of the Inveresk Trail is unsealed and too narrow

The Inveresk Trail needs uniform infrastructure to cater to the increasing numbers of riders using it.

The first section of the Inveresk Trail exiting the city is high quality – a good 3 metres wide and smoothly sealed. 

However, the short stretch of trail between Heritage Forest Park in Invermay and Vermont Road is not clearly signed and is unfinished, offering a narrow (about 2 metres wide), unsealed gravel path.

The Inveresk Trail is a key element in Launceston’s bicycle network, and provides a safe and attractive riding connection to the city for residents of the northern suburbs.

The trail needs to be safe and accessible in all weather for groups of riders.

The solution

Seal and widen the path.

The section of the Inveresk Trail between the Heritage Forest Park in Invermay and Vermont Road needs to be widened to at least 3 metres and sealed.

The Inveresk–Rocherlea trail is included in the Council’s on-road and off-road trails network brochure from 2013 so this work is well overdue.


  • Launceston Council has investigated sealing the path but has not proceeded because it needs to find a solution to movement of the adjoining levy. 

Take action

Collective action makes a difference. Together we can improve Launceston’s most popular cycling routes. 

Here’s a few easy ways you can help improve the path to Vermont Road.

Write to the Mayor

Contact the Launceston Mayor, Albert van Zetten, to let him know the path is important to you.



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