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Launceston Mayoral Election 2023

We asked the five candidates standing for election for Launceston Mayor what they would do to make it easier to ride a bike if they were elected. The following are their responses.

Andrea Dawkins

“The slow pace of change is frustrating us all. I have brought a motions to council on reducing speed limits on Trevallyn, which ultimately failed before the Transport Commissioner:…/councillor-raises…/13139290
“We have another before the Commissioner at present, which we are more hopeful for as it has buy in from key agencies like Tas Pol and Metro:…/launceston-council-votes…/
“I moved this motion too and spoke to the need for ending the primacy people in cars have enjoyed at the expense of pedestrians, cyclists and the night time economy.”


Matthew Garwood

“There is a huge push and initiative going forward for active transport, happier healthier communities and the positive flow on effects into the wider community.
“Thinking of not just the current participants, there also needs to be a sense of user friendliness regardless of ability. Users need to feel safe with adequate recreational opportunities and paths with the infrastructure to compliment that.
“If I were to continue on as Mayor, a huge focus for me is and would be on tapping into the reaches of our community and not just listening to, but hearing the needs and putting conversations in place to find and facilitate action.
“There will also be a Health and Well Being Strategy coming into play that will create more formal ways in aligning opportunities with practicality. I would ensure that bicycle and active transport would be an integral part of future thought and development not just trying to retrofit or adding painted lanes.


Alan Harris

“I have been directly involved in the organisation and running of every Sally’s Ride – Tamar Valley Cycle Challenge since its inception as a one day event in 2009 by the Rotary Club of Central Launceston. I also recently completed the Devonport to Dover Tasmanian Trail on my e-bike over 9 days with 14 others riders as well as participated in nearly every Tweed Ride & the Western Tiers Cycle Challenge over the past decade as well as several Amy Gillet’s and Around the Bay rides.
I currently ride my e-bike to every Council meeting or workshop that I can, to demonstrate to my fellow Councillors and Council staff that cycling can be integrated into every day activities like going to work or visiting the shops. This is in addition to my usual bike riding activities on my “acoustic” road bike or MTB where I usually ride more 100km per week over 3 -4 days of riding each week.
Some exciting news from today where I have just had a motion to the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) unanimously approved at their annual conference in Canberra for the ALGA to lobby the Federal Government for a dedicated funding pool for the construction and maintenance of off road cycle and pedestrian pathways.
I have also lobbied the Premier and the State Government Ministers to provide a dedicated 10 year source funding for the building of off road arterial cycle and walking pathways for all Councils to access.
I will lobby within Council to ensure that if funding is secured from either the State or Federal governments that it is matched by Council contributions to build off road pathways more quickly.
I have lobbied the West Tamar Council for the extension of the existing off road bike path from Tamar Marine to the Tail Race Park through to Legana, particularly the new primary school under construction.
I have also lobbied for the Northern Midlands Council to extend the current off road bike path from Perth to Breadalbane, though to Franklin Village by converting some of the existing 3 lane road width to allow for partitioned dedicated bike lane from Breadalbane to the Spiky Bridge.
I have also been lobbying for several years for a new off road cycle trail along the rail alignment from Station Road through to Henry St to enable access to the UTAS Inveresk site and ultimately City Park and the City.
I will continue to lobby for these new off road arterial cycle paths and other improvements to cycling infrastructure such as increased bike hoops in our city and suburban shopping precincts if elected Mayor of Launceston.
I am pleased to announce that the Council will construct during the coming 2023/24 year a new off road bike path along the Northern side of Forster St from the gates of Kings Wharf to the Montague St roundabout and then along Montague St to Darwin St to allow safer access to to the existing bike trail that connects to Mayne St next to the bridge.
I am currently Chairman of the City of Launceston Transport Committee which instigated the current motion which Council endorsed asking State Growth to lower the speed limits in the CBD, Mowbray and Kings Meadows shopping precincts to 40 kmph as well a review of the speed limits on Elphin Road at Newstead, Wellington & Bathurst Streets, High Street & Invermay Road to 50 kmph which will improve cycle safety in all of these areas.
The Transport Committee has also instigated many of the recent on road improvements such as cycle slip lane from Dowling St onto Elphin Road as well as the sealing of the trail around Seaport front the bridge to the Silos and the levy towards Churchill Park.
I am committed to having Launceston recognised as the MTB entry point to Tasmania and will lobby for the upgrading of both the Kate Reed and Trevallyn MTB tracks to encourage tourists and locals alike to stay in Launceston for a great MTB experience before heading further afield to Derby or St Helens.
Council has committed to building one pump track in Launceston in it’s forward plans for 2023/24. However I will lobby for the development of several more pump tracks to be located around our city in our Regional Parks to encourage more children to try cycling as pump tracks are a proven way to introduce them to cycling.


George Razay


Promoting a happy, healthy and active community

Launceston and the North East have the highest rates in Tasmania and Australia of chronic health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and the worst cardiovascular risk factors like obesity and hypertension. People eat food tat is high in salt with fewer vegetables and fruits, drink more sugar-sweetened and diet drinks and are less physically active, I have been working with the council to advance our vision to promote healthy living and lifestyles through education and public awareness initiatives linked to sporting, recreation and exercise programs and creating healthy food environments.

Combatting air pollution and traffic congestion

Transport is a major contributor to air pollution and Tasmania’s love affair with cars is growing, with a 79% increase since 2010. All of these are contributing to increased traffic congestion and air pollution, which is contributing to the rise in asthma and chronic lung diseases. The best and healthiest option is to encourage people to wak, cycle and use public transport, which is the best way to take more cars off the road. However, we need to make public transport more efficient, reliable and cheaper than using cars to encourage more people to use it.

Improving the kanamaluka/Tamar River

We should also consider extending pedestrian and cycling tracks along both sides of the kanamaluka/Tamar River, as well having parks for recreational activities and an outdoor gym.

I have also been working with the city council on how to promote our shared vision and organised a workshop on “Community health and wellbeing” on 8th June.



Monday 29 May

Nominations open

Thursday 1 June

Enrolment closes

12 noon 
Tuesday 6 June

Nominations close

12 noon 
Wednesday 7 June

Nominations announced  

Wednesday 14 June

Ballot packs delivered by post

Tuesday 11 July

Close of the poll

From 9am 
Wednesday 12 July

Counting of ballot papers and progressive results

For all the information about the election, take a look at the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website: 

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