Voting in local government elections is now compulsory

Tasmanian Council Elections 2022

Local councils are perfectly placed to improve cycling infrastructure to make it safer for more of us to ride more often. 

Making it easier to ride in your local community 

Below are some of the ways your council can help make it easier to ride a bike for transport or fun: 

  • Build and maintain paths and separated cycleways that link to jobs, schools, services and local shops and can be ridden by people of all ages and abilities.  
  • Develop bike plans/strategies for the council area.
  • Seal and widen shoulders on popular road riding routes.
  • Provide recreational trails and paths.
  • Lower speeds (30km/h) on local streets where people want to ride, scoot and walk.
  • Provide and mandate end-of-trip facilities and bike parking. 
  • Engagement with programs like Ride2School and Back on your Bike.


Are you a local candidate up for election? 

Don’t wait to be contacted. If you’ve got a strong position on bikes, send us your responses to the questions listed at and we’ll publish them on our website.

We’re calling on our members, friends, BUGs and local organisations to get involved. 

Reach out to your council’s candidates and ask them how they plan to make your streets and open spaces more bike friendly,  and let them know their response will be published on our website. 

Questions you can ask your candidates: 
  1. If elected, what projects will you prioritise to make it easier for people to walk and ride this term? What are your longer term priorities?
  2. If your council does not have a bike plan, will you work to get one in place in this term?

If you get a response to these or your own bike-related questions, send it to us at and we’ll post them below. 

You can also check out how Tasmania’s city councils have voted on bike issues on our website: 

Council election candidate responses

If you are a candidate in the elections and would like to let people know your position on better cycling facilities, let us know

If your council is not listed, don’t worry, we’ll add it when you send your statement. 

The following candidate responses have been received: 

  • Ryan Posselt
  • Gemma Kitsos
  • Louise Elliot
  • Raj Chopra
  • Kate Kelly
  • Bill Harvey
  • Louise Bloomfield
  • Dr Zelinda Sherlock
  • Damon Thomas
  • Anna Reynolds
  • Nathan Volf
  • Helen Burnet
  • Marti Zucco
  • Jeff Briscoe
  • John Kelly
  • Bec Taylor
  • Steven Phipps
Candidate statements

Responses received:

  • Kelly Sims
  • Morris Malone
  • Jenny Branch-Allen
  • Sue Hickey
  • Molly Kendall
  • Ali Sawyer
Candidate responses

The following candidate responses have been received: 

  • Alderman Beth Warren
  • Matthew Combey
  • Simon Walker
  • Heather Chong
  • Anna Bateman
  • Bree Hunter
  • Richard James
  • Sharyn von Betouch
  • John Peers
  • James Walker
  • Jade Darko
Candidate responses

The following responses have been received so far:

  • Gideon Cordover
  • Jill Hickie
  • Clare Glade-Wright
  • Kaspar Deane
  • Michael Rowan
  • Di Carter
  • Amanda Midgley
Candidate responses

The following responses have been received so far:

  • Heather Chaplin
Candidate responses

No candidate responses have been received.

Candidate responses

Responses received:

  • Amina Keygan
  • David Pease
  • Craig Hensley
  • Teeny Brumby
  • Ryan Gilmour
Candidate responses

The following responses have been received

  • Danny Gibson
  • Hugh McKenzie
  • Alan Harris
  • Cecily Rosol
  • Jarad Murray
Candidate responses

The following responses have been received

  • Cheryl Fuller
  • Casey Hiscutt
  • John Beswick
Candidate responses

The following responses have been received

  • Maureen Bradley
Candidate responses



5 September 2022: candidate nominations open

20 September 2022: candidate nominations announced

3 October 2022: Polling opens

25 October 2022: Polling closes

28 October to 5 November: results announced


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