Tasmanian local council elections 2014


In October 2014, all Councils across Tasmania will go to the polls, and all Councillor/Aldermanic positions will be thrown open. Local Governments play a pivotal role in developing safer roads for cyclists and in encouraging Tasmanians to commute by bicycle. Given the plethora of economic, social and health benefits associated with bike riding, we are here to support Councils to implement effective change within their communities. 

What councils need to do

The Icons

At the fore of our Council Election Campaign are The Icons; key active transport infrastructure projects that are deemed to be of outstanding importance and offer the opportunity to significantly support and encourage the uptake of bicycling. 

North West Coastal Pathway (North West) 

The proposed North West Coastal Pathway when complete is planned to connect the communities of the North West Coast of Tasmania from Wynyard to Latrobe, covering approximately 110 km of shared walking/cycling pathways.

Launceston CBD to Newnham (Launceston)

Improve and upgrade the connection between the Launceston CBD and the University of Tasmania Newnham Campus. 

Inter-City Cycleway (Hobart)

The Inter-City Cycleway is a first-class, segregated bicycle facility that travels along the Derwent River from Hobart to Claremont. There are fantastic opportunities to extend the Cycleway, to improve sections and to develop links from and to other bikepaths, which will upgrade and boost the already phenomenally popular facility.  These opportunities include: Morrison Street Bi-Directional Bike Lane, Battery Point Foreshore, Lutana Rail Spur,  Humphrey’s Rivulet and Main Road Bike Lanes. 


Our southern advocate, Emma Pharo, surveyed the 29 Tasmanian councils along with two of her colleagues at the University of Tasmania.

This provided a snapshot of the status of each council in terms of their thinking around the provision of bicycle infrastructure in their area and also in their region more broadly.

Download the report