Tasmanian Legislative Council elections 2022


Three Tasmanian Legislative Council seats are up for election on 7 May 2022

The seats of Huon, Elwick and McIntyre are up for election.

The federal election will likely overshadow our Legislative Council elections this year, but it’s important we keep bikes on the agenda, so please let candidates know what you’d like to see to make it easier to ride more often.

Huon’s sitting member Bastian Siedel resigned last year so it’s an open election field for the byelection in the seat that takes in Huon Valley Council area, Leslie Vale, Neika, Longley, Bruny Island and some of Blacksmans Bay. 

Elwick’s sitting member Josh Willie has served one term in the seat which covers the sourthern part of Glenorchy Council and the northern reaches of the Hobart Council area, which is most of the Intercity Cycleway.

McIntrye is held by Tania Rattray who has served 3 terms and could be deemed the cycling seat as it covers the popular MTB and rail trails in Dorset and Break O Day councils as well as the Railton trails and Longford and surrounds which is very popular for road riding.  

Safer Cycling Pledge

We want all candidates to support projects that will make it easier for people to ride their bikes for transport and recreation, no matter where their seat is. We asked all known candidates for the elections whether they would take the Safer Cycling Pledge.

Safer Cycling Pledge

If I am elected to the Legislative Council, I pledge to:

  • support the sealing of road shoulders on routes popular for cycling
  • support protected cycleways in urban centres
  • support programs which help people choose active transport options
  • support legislative changes which create safer conditions for vulnerable road users like bicycle riders.

Candidates who support the Safer Cycling Pledge

We will ask candidates if they support our Safer Cycling Pledge for bicycle riders and we’ll publish their comments here and whether or not they support the pledge.


Josh Willie (Labor)

As a keen cyclist and co-convenor of the Parliamentary Friends of Cycling group, I will always advocate for cyclists and speak on the benefits of cycling. I like to incorporate exercise into my daily activities and riding my bike to parliament is an enjoyable way to start and finish the day. The Elwick community is fortunate to have access to the Intercity Cycleway. However, improving safety and infrastructure would encourage more bike riders. As the Shadow Minister for Transport, I am uniquely placed to work with relevant stakeholders to improve safety and infrastructure and to champion bike riding as a safe, economic, practical and healthy option for transport.

Rick Cazaly (Independent)

We have seen far too many tragedies in the past with far too little being done, although some welcome changes have occurred lately with the 1.5 metre rule. Often when I’m on my bike I’m haunted by the memory of losing Kate Stanley on the East Derwent highway many years ago, being run down from behind must be every cyclists’ nightmare. I believe there is much more to be done to separate cars from bikes at busy intersections, and work must continue on regulation reform, this may take the form of policy review in the Upper House or a carefully prepared Private Members bill.

Hannah Bellamy (Greens)


David Downie (Independent)

Mitchelle Houghton (Greens)

Tania Rattray (Independent)


Aldo Antolli (Liberals)

It is a pleasure to sign this pledge! Before becoming the Liberal candidate for the seat of Huon, I have been the CEO of Pathways Tasmania for well over 6 years. Our annual community bike ride, the Freedom Ride, is one of our biggest fundraisers and brings together many dozens of cyclists each year – from around Australia – who help raise badly needed funds for the homeless, and those battling life crippling addictions in Tasmania. My team enthusiastically, each year, safely and expertly manages this fun event for the 20 km ride, 43 km ride, and the hardcore, 100 km ride! The Tasmanian Government committed $6 million in 2018 to boost active transport options around Tasmania, linking cycling routes on local roads. All road users must behave responsibly and share the road in a safe manner. We must look after each other because the reality is our lives depend on it.

Pat Caplice (Local Party)

Gideon Cordover (Greens)

Dean Harriss (Indpendent)

Toby Thorpe (Labor)


If better bike lanes, trails and facilities are important to you, then let the candidates for the Tasmanian Legislative Council elections know about it by writing to them, talking to them or engaging on social media. With stimulus funding up for grabs, it’s the perfect time for our elected representatives to support much more money going into safer cycling opportunities.

#TogetherWeCan make a difference. 

Contact your Legislative Council candidates

Let your candidates know what’s important to you as well as including one or more of the points in the Bicycle Network’s Safer Cycling Pledge.


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