The Tasmanian state election has been set for Saturday 23 March 2024

Bicycle Network is here to keep you up to date with what parties and candidates are promising for people who ride bikes for the Tasmanian Legislative Assembly electoral race.

Tasmanian State election 2024


BICYCLE NETWORK'S election asks

Creating cheaper, healthier, cleaner travel choices

Tasmanian cities are consistently rated as the most expensive in Australia to own a car and yet many families feel they need two cars to access work, schools and services. This sucks up a large proportion of the family income, contributes to traffic congestion, drives up the state’s climate change emissions, and contributes to poor physical activity levels.

Switching two cars to electric at current prices is out of reach for many Tasmanians. But being able to replace the second car with an e-bike or e-scooter depends on the government providing safe, separated routes to ride to workplaces, schools, shops and services.

Cycling Infrastructure Fund

An ongoing Tasmanian Cycling Infrastructure Fund would help build the cycling facilities we need for more people to choose active transport.

  • Fund new All Ages and Abilities cycleways under the Greater Hobart Cycling Plan.
  • Develop regional commuter cycling plans for Launceston, Burnie and Devonport and other willing urban centres.
  • Fund All Ages and Abilities cycleways for regional plans once they are agreed.
More public transport choice

Some people don’t catch public transport because the start or end stop is too far to walk. Providing better access to stops and secure bike parking can help more people catch the bus/ferry.

  • Roll out secure bike and scooter parking at bus stop hubs on the higher frequency routes and ferry terminals.
  • Run an independent trial of bikes and scooters being allowed on urban low-floor buses.
Help to ride

Many people have never tried an electric bicycle. E-bikes are easy for most people to ride and can carry loads up to 30 kg to allow people to ride to work, shops and childcare/school. Cargo e-bikes can help people carry loads of up to 100 kg.

  • Fund a scheme where people can loan an e-bike to see how it would fit in with their lifestyle.
  • Fund a no-interest loan scheme to help people buy e-bikes then pay them off over a number of years as they save on petrol, parking, registration and mechanic costs.
  • Fund e-bike subsidies.
  • Fund statewide rider education programs that help people build confidence to ride, pick routes, choose the right bike and maintain it.
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What's being promised for bikes this time around

Party promises 2024

  • $42 million for cycling infrastructure on state and local routes, at $10.5 million per year.
  • Provide for a 50% rebate of up to $1,000 for the purchase of an electric bike, for up to 250 students or concession card holders each year from a $1 million pool.
  • $6 million to provide secure bike and scooter parking at bus stop hubs on high frequency routes and ferry terminals and other public-active transport support.
  • Extend the Derwent ferry network, including convenient terminal access throughout the Greater Hobart Area, including the Brighton municipality.
  • Sue Hickey for Clark

    Thank you for your email outlining, Bicycle Tasmania’s (BT) priorities focusing on cheaper, cleaner, and healthier transport options.  I have already stated my position on what I believe is the role of politicians to ensure our environment is looked after at a local level. In fact, when announcing my candidature, I was clear I want to be part of a parliament that leaves a legacy of positive outcomes for now and into the future. Protecting our local environment is a priority and to that end it is imperative we adopt innovative and sustainable transport solutions.

    It’s our responsibility to ensure out-of-the box thinking to encourage cleaner alternatives to existing options.  I am on record as being a strong supporter of encouraging a greater use of e-bikes, bicycles, and electric vehicles, to improve infrastructure, encourage innovative solutions and foster a more sustainable future for our communities.

    I am happy to endorse in principle BT’s policy and to talk to you after the election to see how we can collaboratively advance those priorities with a new government and new parliament.

  • Martine Delaney for Franklin

    I am more than happy to vote bike alongside your organisation. Your proposals offer greater access to a healthier, cheaper and environmentally cleaner transport system to a Tasmanians. You’ve my support.

  • Angela Offord for Lyons

    I certainly support any initiatives that promote cheaper, healthier, cleaner travel choices.

What was promised for bikes in 2018

Party promises 2021



  • $6 million on cycling projects from 2022-23, with $2 million for each region in partnership with local government: – half delivered, second funding round applications closed 8 January 2024.
  • $85,000 to the Tasmanian Bike Collective, to deliver their skills and resilience building program for young people in Risdon Vale and Huonville:
  • 1-2 year ferry trial will carry bikes for free: 
  • $20,000 for the Cradle Coast MTB Club volunteers to look after the Penguin MTB Park.
  • Funding to Maydena MTB Park to host an Enduro World Series.

Still in progress

  • 3.5 metre wide shared paths on the Tasman Bridge – this was announced in 2020 and a final design is yet to be released or construction date set.
  • Commitment to apply for federal funding to create a design for a Margate to Huntingfield shared path and commitment to apply for federal funding to build an Algona Rd interchange and Kingston bypass duplication that would include paths for cycling and walking. Full policy: 
  • Cycle path on the promised second Tamar River bridge as part of the government’s positive provisioning policy for cycling:
  • Commitment to apply for federal funding for duplication of the South Arm Hwy which includes a new shared path between Rokeby and Oakdowns as per the recent planning study:
  • $20 million for more park and rides for bus services at Rokeby, Sorell and southern beaches, which we would expect to have secure bike parking like the Kingborough facilities:
  • Labor will establish a Cycling Infrastructure Fund and invest $15 million over two years on cycling infrastructure projects across the State. Councils and the State Government will work in partnership on funding cycling infrastructure through the provision of this fund:
  • Labor will commit to expanding the Ride 2 School Program to ensure secondary students also experience the benefits of this program.
  • continue trials of bikes on buses and ride and go facilities around the State.
  • $400,000 for a new toilet and bike washdown at the Mt Montgomery car park which services the Dial Range mountain bike trails:
  • $227,875 for the Briant Hill Mountain Bike Park proposal in Smithton.
  • $360,000 to Wild Mersey MTB tracks to build shuttle road and lookout:
  • $44.4 million over four years into a bicycle infrastructure fund: 
  • expand bike track and trail investments to projects beyond just mountain biking.
  • funding to the Bicycle Network of Tasmania for their ride2school program
  • establish a ride2work program.
  • Kristie Johnston: “Active transport – Active transport networks play an important role in a city’s integrated transport system and there ought to be greater funding of cycling and walking infrastructure to encourage healthy alternatives to using a car.”: 
  • Sue Hickey: supports the greater Hobart mayors call for state government to fund a network of commuter cycleways across greater Hobart: 


If better bike lanes, trails and facilities are important to you, then let the candidates for the Tasmanian election know about it by writing to them, talking to them or engaging on social media.

#TogetherWeCan make a difference. 

Authorised by Alison Hetherington, Bicycle Network, 210 Collins Street, Hobart

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