Rocherlea to Inveresk path

Together we can complete the separated path between Rocherlea and Inveresk


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The problem

There is a gap in the network between Rocherlea and Inveresk

There is a separated path running from Rocherlea south to the city but it stops when it gets to the Mowbray Racecourse and then starts on the other side, creating a gap that needs to be joined up.

Launceston riders enjoy a safe separated bike path along the top of the flood levee along the North Esk River, from Inveresk northwards to the racecourse at Mowbray.

However, the trail then stops and there is no safe offroad connection to the other side of the racecourse where another trail starts up to take riders almost to Rocherlea. The gap in the trail means that people from the north eastern suburbs can’t enjoy a safe offroad path all the way into the city.

This gap in the trail is a significant barrier to creating a sealed commuter transport link from the northern suburbs to the city. 

The solution

Building a path around the Mowbray Racecourse would close the gap.

Closing the gap in the Rocherlea–Inveresk Trail at the Mowbray Racecourse will provide a complete trail which would be a major incentive for riding and walking in the north eastern suburbs.

A better health outcome in this region has been identified as a major objective of the 2017 City Deal and in state government preventative health strategies. 

The City Deal facilitates the movement of University of Tasmania activities to the Inveresk campus.

Closing the gap in the trail would provide students and staff with a protected pathway between large northern residential areas and the university.

Eliminating the racecourse gap in the Inveresk–Rocherlea trail is included in the map in the Launceston Council’s on-road and off-road trails network brochure from 2013.


  • Launceston Council has done preliminary designs for bridging the gap in the trail. The next step is for detailed designs to be drawn up and the council to apply for state for federal funding for the project. 

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Here’s a few easy ways you can help build a new cycling path around the Mowbray Racecourse.

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Contact the Launceston Mayor, Matthew Garwood, to let him know the path is important to you.




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