Save Ride2School



Our Ride2School program is under threat

Bicycle Network’s free Ride2School program has shared the joy of riding with hundreds of thousands of students for 17 years. Our expert team supports around 3500 Australian schools to break down barriers that prevent students from taking active journeys to school.

But the program, beloved by schools across the country, is under threat.  

Successive funding cuts could see the program, which encourages, empowers and enables children to get physically active on their journey to and from school, come to an end.

We need your help

“Our Ride2School team has worked behind the scenes to build a new generation of healthy young people and support them to learn healthy habits that last a lifetime. We would be devastated to see this program reduced or diminished in any way.  

We have never asked the public to support our program before, but we have decided to put out an urgent call to Save Ride2School. We are hoping to receive support from donors, local councils and other State Government departments.

The program’s success has been incredible over the years. Last year, 96 per cent of schools that participated in Ride2School told us they were likely or very likely to recommend the program to other schools and 42% ranked the program 10/10. 

Those numbers are testament to the wonderful program we have created over almost two decades.

While we wait to revise the program and partner with other organisations, we have a long list of school children who are in desperate need of bike education and our other services. Please donate to help us to keep Ride2School going.”

Alison McCormack
CEO, Bicycle Network

Donate today

To keep the Ride2School program running we have increased our fundraising target to $100K. This will steady the ship as we pursue new sources of funding over the coming months, and enable our team to continue their important work with school communities to promote physical activity among young Australians.  

Donations are tax deductible and all contributions will help our Ride2School team continue its life-changing work. This is what they would mean to us.


Road safety awareness session for one student 


Bike education skills session for one student 


Training session on an adapted cycle for one student 


Bicycle Network-hosted active travel day at one school


Active travel map outlining safe routes to get students to one school


Complete Ride2School program for one school

Donate now to save Ride2School and keep our kids riding