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Intro to e-bikes

Looking for some electric pedal assistance? You’re not the only one!

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are booming! Millions of riders around the world are realising the many benefits of battery-assisted biking. In fact, e-bikes are projected to outsell cars in Europe this decade! E-bikes are ideal for getting about in hilly terrain, for city errands, commuting, touring or just riding for fun – and are a great alternative to private car ownership.

Image of Tick markArrive at work without feeling hot and sweaty
Image of Tick markCarry your shopping easily
Image of Tick markKeep up with traffic flow even if you are not super fit
Image of Tick markKeep active even if you have limited mobility
Image of Tick markReduce your carbon footprint
Image of Tick markHave an enormous amount of fun

The e-bike advantage

Everyone could use a bit of extra oomph in their pedalling sometimes and that is exactly what an e-bike provides. If you want to ride further with less effort, leave your car at home, keep up with the group or get ahead of the traffic – an e-bike could be the answer.

The following breakdown of e-bike advantages is provided in partnership with Bosch eBikes Australia

E is for easy

A premium cargo bike is an ideal family vechile

Everyone could use a bit of extra oomph in their pedalling sometimes and that is exactly what an ebike provides. In fact 250 watts more power – that pretty much doubles the power your legs put out on their own.


Keep fresh

Studies have shown that people with e-bikes ride 2–3 times more than people without an e-bike. This is because it’s not a ‘race’ but an easy and convenient way of getting around on a day-to-day basis.


It’s not cheating

Some people believe that if your pedalling is assisted, then it doesn’t count. But it’s not about replacing or competing with the ‘pushie’; it’s about providing another healthy alternative for people to enjoy cycling


Electric bike guide

Need to learn about e-bikes in general? Which electric bike is right for you? Below is a guide to electric bikes provided by Cargocycles – it’s by no means definitive but hopefully answers all your questions!

E-bikes are bicycles with built-in electric motors used for propulsion – it is not a motorbike and you don’t need a license. The motor runs off a battery that is built into the bike which you need to plug into a normal powerpoint to recharge. Batteries are removable so you can charge them inside, but most models also let you charge the battery while it’s mounted on the e-bike.

More about the battery

A full charge takes around 4-8 hours depending on the size of your battery. Batteries last around 3 years or 500 – 700 full charges. Most batteries have a 2-year warranty.

Pedal or no pedal?

Pedal assist or ‘pedelec’ e-bikes are the most commonly sold in Australia. You still need to pedal, but the electric motor adds power to each pedal stroke – making hills easier to climb and generally you can use less effort so won’t need to break a sweat on the way to work. Some e-bikes come with a throttle so you don’t have to pedal at all – but these are limited to 200 watts in Australia.


Not sure what bike is best for you?
Check out our simple guide to choosing the right bike.

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