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The healthy workplace

The stand-out health and wellbeing benefits of riding to work makes it a goal worth pursuing for all companies.

The healthy workplace

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From improved health and happiness to saving time on the commute and increased productivity in the office, the benefits of riding to work are numerous for employees and employers.

By making it easier for more people to ride with supportive active travel policies and end-of-trip facilities such as bike parking, many organisations are already reaping the rewards of a happier and healthier workforce. 

Whether the organisation is two people or 2000+, here’s some real world examples of how organisations are embracing a bike-friendly culture. 

The Alfred Hospital

The Alfred Hospital sets a great example health promotion to the 8,500 Alfred Health staff and the employees of other organisations on The Alfred Hospital site by encouraging active transport.

This process initially involved some big consultation processes with staff – why they ride and why they don’t, the types of things that will make sure they’ll keep riding and the things that might make them start riding.

A key to success was understanding motivations, barriers and needs. 

Active travel zone

The Alfred Hospital converted 19 car spaces into a new facility called the Active Travel Zone which included 300 secure bike parks and 300 lockers, showers and change rooms.

Active travel culture

There’s a lot of informal community support within the bike riding group at The Alfred Hospital. Whether it’s supporting new riders or sharing advice on the most bike-friendly routes into the office, the support of an internal riding community is essential to get more people involved.

The little things that matter

There are some minor details in post-ride facilities that they found made a huge impact for people who ride: 

  • Providing towels
  • A mix of floor-based bike racks and hanging racks catering different types of people and bikes
  • An easy access floor-based pump
  • Water cooler for bottle top ups before riding
  • An iron in the change room as well as hair dryers and hair straighteners

Tract Consultants

Tract Consultant’s Melbourne team have realised the benefits of riding to work and they’re Melbourne team enjoyed a very successful Ride2Work Day in 2017.

Post ride facilities

While always being involved in Ride2Work Day and encouraging active travel, a shift to a new office at Riverside Quay near Southbank is making it easier for more team members to ride every day.

The new office included retrofitting three basement car parks with 40 bike storage spaces and more than 50 personal lockers. Shared end-of-trip facilities are also located inside the office building.

Healthy and sustainable transport

While Ride2Work Day has always been a great way to get new riders started as well as seasonal riders back into riding after winter, Tract’s recent move to Riverside Quay and improved facilities have had a massive impact.

They’re a great example of an organisation investing in facilities that make it easy for people to ride to work, creating an environment where it is normal to do so and getting results.

Tract Ride2Work

RACV Mobility Hub

The RACV Mobility Hub is a  part of the suite of services provided to RACV staff & Club members, making it easier to explore alternative means of travel. The Mobility Hub provides a destination to freshen up at the end of your walk, run or ride into Melbourne’s CBD.

What does the RACV Mobility Hub provide?
  • secure parking for bicycles
  • lockers for belongings such as fitness clothing and bicycle or motorcycle helmets
  • serviced change rooms and showers
  • towel service and amenities including ironing facilities and hair dryers in the assigned locker section
  • electric vehicle, Tesla and e-Bike charging stations.

Bicycle Network

Riding to work is one of the easiest and most time-efficient ways to fit exercise into a daily routine. And at Bicycle Network, we make sure we walk (pedal) the talk. 

Bike parking

A mix of hanging (Ned Kelly®) and stand up (Flat top™) bike racks make it easier for all different types of bikes to be easily and securely stored during the day.

Commuters club – celebrating active travel

The riders club – a daily count of how many times someone walks, runs or rides to work is an excellent initiative for getting everyone involved in active travel. Celebrating milestones such as 100 rides, 300 rides and 500 rides are a great way to encourage people to join the riders club.

Post ride facilities - lockers
Post ride facilities

Whether it’s after a lunch time jog or leisurely morning commute our end of trip facilities are about making it easier to fit exercise into a daily routine.

  • Lockers
  • Change rooms
  • Showers
  • Iron
  • Fresh towels

If you’re keen to learn more or want access to some great riding resources, check out Ride2Work for ideas and inspiration for encouraging more people to ride.

7 keys to bike riding success in your workplace

  1. Jazz up the bike parking – with good lighting and nice colours, secure bike parking can be a pleasant space too.
  2. Fresh towels – along with an iron and a hair straightener, these things make your locker room a stand-out
  3. Bicycle Network membership – a corporate membership provides cover for employees who ride to work with legal support and awesome member perks
  4. Visiting mechanic – takes all the hassle out of bike servicing for the team
  5. Get social – maintain a Facebook group or intranet communications to share and organize regular group rides
  6. Celebrate – with a Ride2Work Day breakfast and your own active travel events, encouraging everyone to get everyone involved
  7. Listen – ask your workmates what they want: social rides, skills training, bike shop discounts, ebike test rides, the opportunities are endless

For clients and visitors, trading one or two car spaces for a dozen bike spaces means more space for less cost and helps organisations to earn respect as a bike-friendly business.

Contact our bike parking experts for more information about installing bike parking and post-ride facilities in your workplace.

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