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Bike lights buyers guide (Knog edition)

Lighting up the way

Looking to upgrade or get your hands on some new lights? Lights are one of the most important purchases after getting a bike, and are essential to help other road users see you in low light conditions.

It is also Australian law, with road rules requiring you to have a front white and rear red light visible from at least 200 metres.

The plethora of lights on the market can be daunting, so we’ve provided a quick breakdown of some different lights for different budgets to help inform your decision.

Thanks to our friends at Knog for providing the lights for this guide. This content is not sponsored.

Bike light recommendations

Knog Plus – your starting point

The Knog Plus combo pack is great value for a pair of USB rechargeable LED lights at under $55. It’s highly recommended to spend a little bit more to get rechargeable lights verses battery operated for higher performance and longevity.

You can charge either Knog Plus light via wireless USB charging, so you don’t have to spend time running around trying to find the charger (The lights detach and reattach using magnetic strips with the USB port hidden away from the elements).

These lights are perfect for commuters or leisure riders who need to optimise visibility at dawn/dusk, and can also be used for day time lights to stay more visible in traffic. Both the front and rear light are attached via rubber straps that come in two sizes to cater for different handlebar and seat tube sizes. 

Final comments:

  • Multiple light modes (including eco-flash for increased run time)
  • When running light on full beam (run time is under 2 hours)
  • Front light (40 lumens) Rear light (20 lumens)


  • Quick charge time (4 hours)
  • Small and light
  • USB rechargeable

Knog Blinder – the next step

The Knog Blinder is a mid-level light that offers a slightly larger face for a brighter output, and also includes a number of flashing patterns and sequences to improve visibility (not just your usual strobe bursts).

This is a handy light for riding in urban environments because they’re 100% waterproof and not so bright as to blind other road users. The Blinder lights are ideal for being seen by others, but not necessarily illuminating the path in front of you. The Knog Blinder lights are attatched via the same rubber straps as the Knog Plus lights with a clipping strap to add to the ease of taking the lights on and off. A pair of Blinder lights will cost you just under $115.

Final comments:

  • High visibility thanks to large illuminating face
  • USB rechargeable


  • Multiple light modes (including eco-flash for increased run time)
  • Front light (200 lumens) Rear light (100 lumens)

The Big Cobber – the real deal

The Big Cobber, these lights are the real deal.  The size and power of the light, with 330 degree illumination, means they light up everything around you – ideal for wayfinding through extremely low light conditions. Perfect for riders who prioritise safety and have a need to see in the dark as well as be seen by others in the dark.

The lights come with an array of flashing patterns which help with rider safety and having a larger face (and 330 degrees of visibility) means that you can still have a pattern that attracts motorists attention, but you can use this on your local bunch ride without blinding someone behind you. The Cobber lights attach via a rubber strap that comes in two varying sizes (make sure you strap them on correctly though) at just under $245 for a set of Big Cobber lights you don’t want to lose one of these gems!

Final comments:

  • Visibility (330 degrees!) – there are no lights comparable to this on the market
  • USB rechargeable


  • Multiple light modes (including eco-flash for increased run time)
  • Front light (280 lumens) Rear light (160 lumens)
  • Try mounting the front light to your fork leg (to avoid blinding others)
Knog logo

The verdict

Through testing the products we were quite impressed with Knog’s innovation in the charging mechanism across all models. Each light pack offers a solution across 3 different price points depending on what sort of riding and the time of day you are riding. 

Even though all 3 of these packs are more suited to being ‘seen’ rather then ‘seeing’ they are all vastly different with the plus being great for a simple and effective light, the blinder for being more pronounced from further distances and the cobber being great for when you are commuting with traffic or later at night.

Knog has done a great job in putting in effort and consideration into making the non-riding parts of riding as pain free as possible.

Even though some of these lights are at a higher price point then similar competitors the quality and innovation makes them a standout and worth trying out.

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For purchase in Australia visit Free shipping is offered with any purchase over $89.

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