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What to do in a crash

If you’ve been involved in a crash, take these basic steps to look after yourself and make sure you can follow up on any damages or claims.

What to do after a crash

1. Make sure you're ok

The first thing you should do is take stock of the situation – ask yourself, ‘am I ok?’, and remember to breathe.

If you can, get yourself to a safe area and off the road if that’s where the crash happened. Call for help if you need it.

2. Collect the details of other parties involved

Collect the details of other party or parties involved including:

  • Name
  • Contact details (including mobile phone number)
  • Vehicle registration
3. Collect witness details

Collect the name and contact details of any witnesses of the crash including:

  • Name
  • Contact details
4. Take photos

Take photos of the scene and record your memory of what happened.

5. See a doctor

See a doctor (even if injuries are not apparent). This is important as often injuries surface some time after the incident.

6. Report the incident

Report the incident to the police and note down the officer’s name and date of the report.

7. Contact our Riders' Rights team

Contact Bicycle Network Riders’ Rights Team on 1800 639 634 or

8. Get your bike checked

Your bike may have been damaged in the crash –  make sure brakes, gears, chain and the frame are all good to go so you can get back on the bike again.

Know your rights in a crash

In 2021, Bicycle Network hosted a webinar series in partnership with Maurice Blackburn on the rights and entitlements as a bike rider when you’re involved in a crash.

How likely am I to have a crash?

Crash report 0.99%

Having a crash while riding a bike is very unlikely – Bicycle Network’s crash report that included data from its 50,000 members found that the chance of being involved in a crash in a year is less than 1%.

It is actually more dangerous to sit on a chair than ride a bike, with more Australians going to hospital each year from falling off a chair than falling off a bike. Plus, you get a lot more exercise riding a bike than you do sitting down!

Read more and check out Bicycle Network’s Crash Report 2012-2016 here.

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