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Cycling road rules

Bike lights

Be seen

All bike riders must use front and rear lights at night or in low visibility conditions. Effective bike lights are essential to help other road users see you while you are riding in dark conditions.

It’s also law – Australian road rules require you to have a front white and rear red light visible from at least 200 metres.

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Knog bike lights

Positioning your bike

two abreast

Riding two abreast

Riding two abreast (within 1.5 metres of each other) can improve your visibility and safety when riding in a group.

On some roads, riding in single file may be more appropriate to allow other road users to pass you at a safe distance. It is always important to ride to the conditions.

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Riding on footpaths is legal in Tasmania, and may be preferable in busy or high speed road environments.

In city centres, local laws may prohibit cycling on footpaths between certain times.

Whenever riding on the footpath, you must ride at a slower speed than on roads, and always give way to pedestrians and vulnerable users.

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Distance makes the difference

In 2018, Tasmania legislated that drivers must pass people riding bicycles at a safe distance.

For speeds lower that 60 km, the required passing distance is 1 metre.

For speeds higher than 60 km, the required passing distance is 1.5 metres.

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Wearing a helmet is compulsory in Tasmania. If there are cultural, medical, or religious reasons you can’t wear a helmet, you can apply for an exemption permit from the Tasmanian Transport Commissioner.

The fine in Tasmania in 2020-21 for not wearing a helmet is $344.

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Rider on Elizabeth St

Tasmanian Road Rules for Cyclists

Female Rider on Elizabeth St

Following local road laws is the best thing you can do to have a safe journey.

This includes stopping at red lights and riding on the left side of the road, just as you do in your car.

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Tasmanian Governments Road Rules Handbook

Hobart Community Legal Service Rules Specifically for Cyclists

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