Bike riding insurance

We’ve got you covered

Bike riding insurance

Medical coverage

We’ll cover expenses that others don’t – including dental, orthodontic, physiotherapy, and even acupuncture as long as you provide a reference from a qualified medical practitioner.

Income protection

If you’re injured on your bike or can’t work after an incident, we’ll pay up to 85% of your weekly earnings for 52 weeks.

Third party coverage

For any damage to another person’s property or injury caused to them, you’ll just need to pay the first $1,000 and we’ll take it from there.

Insurance benefits* Covered Limit 
Non-Medicare medical costs  Yes $10,000 
Loss of earnings  Yes $1,000/week
Out of pocket expenses Yes $500/week up to $5,000
Home help expenses Yes $200/week up to $5,000
Chauffeur plan Yes $5,000
Counselling support Yes $2,000
Replacement bike hire Yes $500
Permanent injury Yes $100,000
Injury to someone else Yes $5 million
Damage to someone else’s property Yes $5 million
Riders rights advice and help recovering costs from a third party Yes
Initial consultation with our partner law firm Yes

*This is a summary of the cover provided. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the cover available under the policies. For full details, please refer to the supporting policy documents below for full terms, conditions, and limits.

Insurance summary

Need to know more?

Who is insured?

This insurance product covers Bicycle Network* members.

There are benefits in the policy that cover everyone regardless of age. There are some changes once you reach 75, see the policy wording for more details.

When am I covered?

  • When you sustain an injury during any or all recreational or commuting bike riding activities (excluding riding to derive a commercial benefit – e.g. racing)
  • Whilst participating in a Bicycle Network event

What is covered?

  • Accidental death and total disablement
  • Personal injury
  • Loss of income
  • 3rd Party Liability Coverage (if you injure someone else or cause damage to someone else’s property)

What is not covered?

  • Medicare gaps (Federal legislation precludes us from doing so)
  • Property (bicycles, accessories etc.) except where covered under Event Benefit
  • Loss of income due to injury sustained while participating in a race or while riding for commercial benefit (e.g. racing)

Making a claim

Please give us a call on 1800 639 634 to book a time to speak with our dedicated Riders’ Rights team about making a claim.

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