GoGet x Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network are proud to partner with GoGet Carshare

For those times when two wheels are just as easy, convenient and cost effective as four, we’re offering GoGet members a special offer on Bicycle Network membership.

As Australia’s largest bike riding organisation, Bicycle Network supports over 45,000 members with comprehensive insurance each time you get on the bike, as well as hosting some of the country’s most popular bike riding events, and campaigning for a more bike-friendly future.

Bicycle Network membership includes

Bike riding insurance
Comprehensive riding insurance

Comprehensive bike riding insurance every time you pedal.

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Member's events
Invitations to our member events

Monthly member events with like-minded people.

Riders rights and legal support
Riders rights & legal support

We’ve got your back whenever you’re on the bike.

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Event discounts
And so much more

Check out the full list of benefits for our members.

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Together we can

Your voice makes a difference

Part of your membership cost goes towards advocating for better riding conditions. By becoming a member with us, you’re helping us build a more bike-friendly Australia. Our voice is stronger with yours.


Membership Pricing – special offer for GoGet members!

Save $50 off any annual membership when you sign up today.


Annual (recurring)

$79 / year (save $50)

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Annual (recurring)

$59 / year (save $50)

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Family 2

Annual (recurring)

$113 / year (save $50)

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Family 3+

Annual (recurring)

$133 / year (save $50)

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What does Bicycle Network membership mean for you?

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Jumping on the bike

Getting started on a bike icon
Tips and Resources

From getting started to keeping up to date with changing road rules, we’ve got you covered.

Bike Road Rules icon
Rides and Events

Events, social rides and behaviour change programs that bring the community together.

Know How icon - Cycling tips
Our Campaigns

We fight to improve conditions, build more facilities and create fair legislation for riders.