Keep bike mechanics open 

During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic bike mechanics are an
essential service that should remain open. 

Bike mechanics are an essential service in our community 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. 

Changes to travel, work and education coupled with extreme economic and social challenges have meant that more people are adopting the bicycle as a healthy, low cost form of transport.

As we’ve already seen in New York, London and Bogota, bicycles have become a critical way for people to access essential services and employment (particularly healthcare) while maintaining social distancing.

It’s also an easy and low risk way for people to get the exercise they need each day.

As a result, bicycle mechanics have become a vital service in the community. In fact, most bicycle shops have reported an average increase of 10-20 per cent in service bookings (data from Bicycle Industries Australia).

Bicycle mechanics and repair shops must remain open as long as possible during any lockdown measures, to ensure that transport for essential workers and last-mile deliveries is maintained.

Are we riding more?

A survey of more than 1,000 Australians found that: 

  • 73 per cent are planning to use a bicycle to access essential services (shops, healthcare, work and education) in the coming weeks and months
  • 84 per cent of healthcare workers said they would ride their bike more or the same amount
  • Most respondents (39 per cent) said that they will be riding a bike outdoors to get their daily exercise. 
  • 36 per cent of females said that they would be riding more during the time of COVID-19, compared to 27 per cent of males.

With over three million Australians riding their bike regularly, unless bicycle mechanics can continue to operate, hundreds of thousands of Australians will be at risk of not being able to access the essential services they desperately need.

As our governments continue to take proactive action to combat the spread of the virus, Bicycle Network is asking our decision-makers to follow the lead of the UK and designate bicycle mechanics as an essential service to remain open during any lockdown. 

For healthcare workers and other essential professionals who do not have access to a car or want to avoid public transport but need transport between home and workplace, riding a bike is a lower-risk, more convenient and more reliable alternative.

The role of bike riding for short-trips or journeys too long to walk becomes critical to maintain the resilience of our transport networks. As a result, bike mechanics must remain open to support this essential transport mode. 

How you can help

We know that collective action makes a difference. If you support our campaign to keep bike shops open, please share this page on your social media channels. 

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If you think bike mechanics should be an essential service during these unprecedented and challenging times, please show your support by sharing this campaign on your social media channels. 

In the news

Is your bike mechanic still working?

We will try to keep this page updated with which Tasmanian bike shops/mechanics are operating and if there are any alterations to hours.

Bikes lead the way through crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop, many cities are turning to the bicycle to help them navigate the unprecedented challenge to global health.

Can I still ride my bike outdoors?

Bicycle Network has advice about when, where and who you can ride with during coronavirus restrictions. Advice was last updated on Monday 16 August 2021.


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