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With many Australians facing a lot more time at home than we’re used to, “keeping your commute” is one way to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle through these challenging times.

This means trying to maintain a similar routine to what you normally would in the morning and after work — whether that means going for a 30 minute solo ride to replicate your commute to work, a walk around the block to start the day, or just taking time to listen to that podcast or read a book like you normally would on your way to work or school.

As isolation measures continue to tighten in Australia, the temptation for many might be to roll out of bed and on to the couch or into the home office… or never roll out of bed at all!

This is not good for your physical or mental health.

While most of our lifestyles are changing quite dramatically to combat the spread of coronavirus, our brains and bodies still need at least 30 minutes exercise idea to remain happy and healthy.

We strongly believe that your commute to work is the perfect time to get that exercise. And while your new commute may be within the four walls of your home, maintaining healthy habits will help us all navigate these new lifestyle changes.

Wondering if it is still safe to ride your bike outdoors? Short answer, yes. Click here for more information and guidelines.

Outside of physical activity, it is important for those working from home to maintain a healthy work / life balance — which will undoubtably be tested as these two worlds collide.

Honouring your normal commute and using that time in the morning and afternoon as a buffer between waking up, starting work, and clocking-off for the day is an easy way to regulate that balance.

As is setting up a workstation separate from your living space if possible and taking lunch breaks away from your computer.

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