Bike friendly bridge for Wye River

Work starts next month on the new bridge on the Great Ocean Road at Wye River that will come with wide, rideable shoulders for bike riders.

Work on the planning and design of the structure has been underway since 2018.

The current bridge, in place since the 1950s, has narrow shoulders and a sketchy alignment on the approach from the east where riders can get squeezed if traffic is turning right on to Old Ocean Road.

The new bridge will be capable of carrying an increased load capacity of more than 100 tonnes. 

It will be built on the same alignment as the existing bridge, and include a wider bridge deck, shoulders and a footway on the ocean side of the structure to boost safety and convenience for pedestrians.

It will be approximately 600mm higher than the existing bridge to allow for higher tides and storm surges as a result of changing climatic conditions.

The existing upstream pedestrian bridge has been refurbished to protect it from the coastal weather.

From April the ocean side of the bridge will be demolished and replaced, with one lane of traffic to remain available. 

This stage will also include the building of a retaining wall on the ocean side and widening of the road on both sides of the bridge.

Work will pause over the summer holiday period when the road between Lorne and Apollo Bay can be popular with riders, with two lanes of traffic open across the bridge. A reduced speed limit will remain in place during this time.

From February 2025 the inland side of the bridge will be demolished and replaced, with two lanes of traffic available through Wye River.

The construction of the new bridge is being funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments and undertaken by Regional Roads Victoria.

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