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The problem

Clarence Street is the most direct route for commuting bicycle riders

Clarence Street links Howrah and Bellerive but it is not safe to ride and needs dedicated cycling infrastructure.  

Clarence Street is an important route for cycling, especially for commuter riders, as it is the most direct connection between Bellerive and Howrah.

Rider numbers on this route are steadily increasing, as measured by Bicycle Network’s annual commuter bike count. In the past few years, there has been an average of 40% more people using Clarence Street between 7am and 9am compared with the foreshore trail.

Clarence Street has a history of crashes, many of which are traffic collisions with parked cars. Traffic levels are high and fast moving. Riding to school is unsafe for the students of several schools on or near Clarence Street. There is a need to improve the road for all users.

A comprehensive community engagement process, initiated by Clarence Council, developed recommendations to improve safety for all road users on Clarence Street.

However, in December 2015 a majority of aldermen disregarded advice from their own officers and the community reference group to consider bike safety in the redesign of what is a busy, crash-prone major arterial road.

The solution

Clarence Council needs to build cycling infrastructure along the street.

The safety improvements recommended by external consultants (SKM) and by council staff, and endorsed by the community reference group, include clearer definition of lanes on Clarence Street for vehicle traffic, parking and bikes.

The changes recommended would increase safety for people who are already confident riders but would do little to entice others to start riding. There is scope to have a separated cycleway along Clarence Street as most houses have  driveways so there is less need to offer on-street parking.

The Clarence Street connection is listed in:


  • the Greater Hobart AAA Cycling Network Plan 2023 proposes infrastructure on the length of Clarence Street.
  • Minor linemarking works proposed in 2019 include bicycle storage boxes at a couple of intersections. 
  • A community petition in support of the safety improvements was lodged with the council in 2016. This was rejected and a further proposal led by alderman Sharyn von Bertouch was presented later that year and also rejected.

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