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Our secure, easy-to-use and functional bike racks are made to fit any kind of bike and space.  

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Scooter rack

Scooter Rack

A freestanding scooter rack storing up to 15 scooters off the ground, steady and out of the way.

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Space-efficient
  • Requires no lifting
  • Measurement 2200mm (length) (racks can be attached)
Bike ramp

Bike Ramp

The bike ramp is custom built and installed to give easy access to your bike parking area.

  • Fasten to any surface
  • Comes in different lengths and widths.
  • Aluminum – Two different sizes for walking or riding  your bike down the ramp
  • Timber – choice of colours (using gritted / non slip paint) e.g. high vis yellow
Bike Parking - Bike Box

Bike Box

The outdoor bike box is the perfect way to take care of your bike with this practical and safe storage solution.

  • Protection from the elements
  • Space-efficient
  • Fits two bikes of all sizes
  • Secured with keypad technology
  • Any colour scheme in the Colorbond range

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