When was your last real adventure?

Whether you’re a mountain biker from way back, have never left the tarmac or have only recently discovered the two wheeled life, you’ll know the feeling – the thrill of independence, of exploration, of discovery. Gravel riding is a fast-track to that feeling.

Our debut off-road ride in Victoria offers two route options – from 32km to 91km – with something for bike riders of all ages and abilities. What should you expect? A fun, challenging and exhilarating day exploring some of Melbourne’s finest gravel bike trails.

Ride Options

Rider inclusions

Feel supported out on your gravel adventure with a host of perks for this year’s Gravel Grit You Yangs:

  • Pre ride coffee
  • Rest stops with snacks and water filling stations
  • Medical, mechanical support and friendly staff
  • Post ride meal and drink
  • End of ride bike wash

Some of Melbourne's best

You Yangs & Brisbane Ranges

Bike riding in the You Yangs

Located just 50 minutes from Melbourne the You Yangs is the city’s off-road bike riding mecca. The extensive network of trails offers family-friendly options if you’re looking for an introduction to mountain biking as well as more challenging and technical routes for more experienced riders.

The long haul (91km ride option) also takes in the stunning Brisbane Ranges National Park. A hidden gem of gravel – riders should expect challenging pinches and technical high speed descents. Throw in stunning rock formations and an abandoned gold town from the 1850’s and you’re sure to be rewarded for every one of those 91kms of riding.

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