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Become a Non-Race Club Member and have peace of mind every time you ride, knowing we’ve got your back with Australia’s best bike riding insurance.

Our insurance provides our Members with benefits that private health insurance and other leading competitors don’t.

View the insurance comparison table below to learn more.

Non-Race Club Members also support their local Club and Bicycle Network’s advocacy to improve conditions, build more facilities and create fairer legislation for people who ride bikes. 

Benefit Bicycle Network Private Health Competitor
Medical Costs

85% of costs up to

• $50 excess
• Includes dental coverage

Yes 85% of costs up to

• $75 excess
Loss of Earnings

85% of income to max
$1,000 per week
• 14 day excess
• 52 week benefit
• No coverage over 75 years

No 85% of income to max
$500 per week
• 28 day excess
• 52 week benefit
Bicycle Hire

(max. 30 day coverage)

No No
Out of Pocket

Up to $500 per week
for 52 weeks

(up to $5,000)

No No
Home Help

Up to $200 per week
for 52 weeks

(up to $5,000)

No Up to $200 per week
for 52 weeks
Chauffeur Plan


Travel expenses
(only some policies)
$25 per day
(up to 12 weeks)
Permanent Injury

Up to $100,000
($50,000 when riding for
remuneration or financial

No Up to $100,000

$5m for bodily injury
and property damage
($1,000 excess)

No $20m for personal injury
or property damage
($1,000 excess)
Accidental Death


No $50,000 (over 18) or
$10,000 (under 18)
Funeral Expenses


No $10,000


Yes $20,000

Up to $200 per week
(up to $2,000)

Yes Up to $1000 per week
(max of $10,000)


No $10,000
Overseas Medical
& Repatriation


No No

*This is a summary of the cover provided and policy comparisons are a guide only. This information is not intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the cover available under the policies. For full details, please refer to the supporting Bicycle Network insurance policy documents for full terms, conditions, and limits, in addition to those from your individual health insurance provider or other insurance provider for an accurate comparison of benefits.

Other Member Benefits

Legal support (riders rights)
Event and product discounts
Club rides and events
Support our advocacy
Premium news and content

Non-Race Club Membership

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Here are the answers to your most common questions.

If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us via our website, on 1800 639 634 or via Facebook.

Yes. You are covered overseas for up to $50,000 for medical or repatriation expenses. Medical expenses means:

  • Hospital accommodation and theatre fees
  • Orthotics, splints and prosthesis
  • Treatment given by a dentist or registered medical practitioner
  • If given on the advice of a medical practitioner, treatment by a chiropractor, masseur, naturopath, osteopath or physiotherapist

You are only covered for any race that is organised by Bicycle Network.

If you’re receiving welfare benefits, a full-time student, or you’ve got a Seniors Card or Veterans Card, you’re eligible for our concession membership.

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, get in contact with us (03) 8376 8888.

No, but all Bicycle Network members are covered on the day and get access to great on-event benefits.

No, your bike isn’t covered by Bicycle Network insurance. Your Bicycle Network membership covers you for personal injury and public liability.

If your bike has been damaged because of an incident involving a third-party, we can provide advice and assistance on how to deal with the situation. If they’re at fault, we can provide support to help recover the costs to repair or replace your bike and accessories. You need to take pictures of your property damage. Although it’s hard to go without your bike, we recommend not getting it fixed straight away.

Get in contact with us on (03) 8376 8888, and we’ll talk you through the best way to go about this as it may differ depending on the situation. When possible, remember at the time of the accident to get the details of the driver’s or person(s) involved.

If you’re looking to insure your bike, Bicycle Network also offers separate bike insurance coverage through Bike Insure. Featuring accidental damage cover, theft cover from home and away, transit cover, kit cover and much more. You can learn more and get a quote at the Bike Insure website.

  • $100 for personal injury (nil excess applies when claiming under private health insurance first)
  • $1,000 for public liability

Call us on  (03) 8376 8888 and book a time to speak with our dedicated Riders’ Rights Co-Ordinator. They will talk you through the different coverage that is available and how you can submit your claim. They’re also here to support you through the process and can answer any questions you might have about your claim.

You can read more on bike riding insurance for information on your coverage.

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