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Maurice Blackburn

As our trusted legal partner for more than 20 years, the team of specialist lawyers at Maurice Blackburn provide our members with expert legal advice when they need it most.

Maurice Blackburn can support in the following areas:

  • Personal injury
  • Liability claims
  • Property damage
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As a Bicycle Network member, your initial consultation with Maurice Blackburn is free. If you’ve been involved in an incident and you’ve been injured or had your property damaged, contact our Riders’ Rights team to arrange a consultation.

Member stories

Our members are protected and supported whenever they’re on the bike around Australia. We stand up for them when they’ve been wronged and support them in the result of a crash. Here are some of their stories…

Zheng – Property Damage Claim

Outcome: $2,000 to cover cost of replacement bike and clothing
Total benefits paid: $1,342

Zheng was riding to work when a driver failed to give way when coming out of a side street, crashing into his side. As a result, he broke three bones in his wrist and his bike and helmet were both significantly damaged.

“I was riding my bike into work when a driver of a SUV came out of a side street and crashed into my side. As result of the crash, I had multiple injuries including a broken wrist, concussion, and gravel rash. And my bike and helmet were both damaged.

I contacted Bicycle Network following the incident. I received ongoing support from their team including advice on how to deal with the driver and their insurance company.

When the driver refused to admit her wrongdoing and didn’t acknowledge my requests for compensation for my property damage, Bicycle Network contacted the driver on my behalf. Eventually, I reached a settlement with driver’s insurer and I’m very happy with the result.

Bicycle Network offered ongoing support – their team contacted me multiple times by phone and email to make sure everything was sorted out. I recommend Bicycle Network to all of my bike riding friends.”

Zheng - Bicycle Network Member

Duncan – Property Damage & Personal Accident Claim

Outcome: $12,130 to cover cost of replacement bike
Total benefits paid: $1,279

Duncan was riding home after his regular loop around Kew Boulevard when a distracted driver rear-ended a vehicle that had slowed down to turn right, triggering a multi-car collision that left Duncan with serious injuries and his bike destroyed.

Duncan - Bicycle Network Member

“Whilst riding home on a main road, between parked cars and flowing traffic, a driver coming the other direction slowed to turn right. The driver in the car behind wasn’t paying attention and collided with the rear of the car turning right. In doing so the car turning right was shunted into our lane. The car in front of me had nowhere to go and collided head on with the shunted car. I was travelling at ~40kmph, and in a case of split-second timing crashed into the side of the car in front of me as it spun around from the head on collision

I was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital with multiple serious injuries that resulted in a seven day stay until I was cleared to go home.

The team at Bicycle Network were essential in helping me understand the process, post-injury, with regards to claims for medical and equipment expenses. My medical expenses were covered by TAC, but I was left out of pocket for remediation therapy that was covered by Bicycle Network’s medical coverage. Dealing with their insurer was fantastic, in complete contrast to the TAC.

Furthermore, I was fully supported in my efforts as a 3rd party claimant trying to recover equipment damages costs from the at-fault driver. This was a lengthy process that required the threat of legal action from Bicycle Network before the driver’s insurance company came forward to assess and ultimately pay for damages.”

Andrew – Personal Accident Claim

Total benefits paid: $5,000 for income protection

Andrew was riding to work along the same route he’s taken for more than 20 years when he clipped a bin and lost control, landing heavily on his right wrist. After recently starting a new job, he was concerned about missing time off work.

Bicycle Network Member - Andrew

“I was riding to work on my usual route when I slowed down to allow a rubbish truck to pass. As I took off, I clipped a bin, got the wobbles, and fell over.
For some reason, I didn’t get my foot out in time, fell sideways, and landed heavily onto my right hand breaking both the radius and ulna at the wrist, fracturing a bone in my thumb, and my fingers sustained some bad ligament damage. I had surgery and spent the next month in a brace. I was away from work for 7 weeks.

I had recently joined a new business and did not have enough leave to cover even half of that time, so I was immediately worried about the loss of income. While my care was in the public system, I do have – like all of us – significant ongoing living costs. My wife reminded me of the family membership we have with Bicycle Network and that I should investigate the insurance that comes with that.

I reviewed the information on the Bicycle Network website and called them up. The person I spoke to was very helpful and booked me in for a conversation with one of their Rider’s Rights consultants to talk me through how to make a claim for income protection.

During that conversation, the process was clearly mapped out for me, the paperwork sent through and within a short while after submitting my claim it was accepted.

My correspondence then continued with their insurance company who were also very helpful and pleasant to deal with. The policy for income protection was very significant. While it did not meet my full salary it was certainly able to meet my ongoing financial obligations while I was without an income.

My accident was a distressing and painful experience, but the financial support from our Bicycle Network membership and the friendly and helpful staff at Bicycle Network who facilitated it, took that stress away. My family and I are glad we took out a Bicycle Network membership over a decade ago and very grateful for the support from that Bicycle Network membership during this recent episode.”

Luke’s story

In the middle of his preparation for Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain, Luke was riding home from a training ride in the Dandenong Ranges when he lost control on a descent and broke his collarbone.

With the help of Bicycle Network, Luke was able to focus on his recovery and achieve his goal.

Cath’s story

A beautiful day of riding in the Bunyip State Park took a turn when Cath hit a rock on a descent. It left her with a major shoulder injury that required surgery and a long rehabilitation process. Bicycle Network was able to minimise the financial stress and allow Cath to focus on her recovery.

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