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Live music

There’s plenty of live music to be enjoyed at the Great Vic. Whether it’s kicking back for an afternoon acoustic session in Spokes Bar, or enjoying one of our huge bands on the main stage, there’s something in each year’s lineup for everyone.

Live music at the Great Vic
Outdoor Cinema at the Great Vic

Outdoor cinema

When your body calls for downtime, kick back at the outdoor cinema. Kids’ movies show in the afternoon and adults’ flicks in the evening. Grab some snacks and enjoy the sunset until showtime. We’ll publish a full list of screenings in the ride guide.


Located in Catering Marquee, our main bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a local wine with dinner or the night’s entertainment.

Spokes Bar is located in the heart of Main St and is a great spot to relax and listen to some tunes on a sunny afternoon. You’ll also be able to grab a bite to eat from one of our food trucks in the bar area.


Daily Pilates and stretching

For those of us who need a little extra stretch or some relaxation, there are opportunities to join some cycling specific stretching sessions.

Starting from 7am each morning prior to riding, or at 5pm for a pre-dinner stretch.

Join us for the 40th celebration of the Great Vic! Sign up by 18 August to beat the price rise.

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