Great Vic Bike Ride

Tips and training

From the first pedal stroke of your training to crossing the finish line on the final day, our tips and training guide has everything you need to prepare for the Great Vic Bike Ride.

Training plan

Our 12-week training plan is designed to help get you to the Great Vic feeling fit, fresh and ready to roll.

Mark your calendars for Monday 2 September 2024 to get started.

Until then, it’s all about getting regular kms in your legs. Whether you’re commuting by bike, joining a weekly spin class or enjoying a weekend ride with friends, it all adds up!

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Training Plan - Great Vic

For more tips, check-out Tina McCarthy’s simple 10 week training plan. It’s all about fitting in what you can for maximum gain!


Packing for the Great Vic

Forgetting to pack something is never a great way to start a holiday. Here’s our basic guide to packing your bags and bike for the Great Vic.

Doing the Great Vic with a toddler

Hannah and Jakob Kapelj rode the 2019 Great Vic from Robe to Torquay with their toddler in tow. It turned out to be one of their best holidays ever.

Bike Maintenance 101

These handy bike maintenance resources will help you keep your bike running smoothly.

Join the club

Bicycle Network’s Strava club is full of like-minded bike riders of all abilities, from the Peaks Challenge regulars to those entering their first 50km United Energy Around the Bay ride. Join the club and stay tuned for local training rides in the lead up to events near you.

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Join us for the 40th celebration of the Great Vic! Sign up by 18 August to beat the price rise.

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