Great Vic Bike Ride

Life on event

Campsite facilities

With two bars, food and coffee trucks, local artists, live music, daily stretching sessions, games and all the necessary camp amenities, you’ll never be short of something to do around camp. In the morning, you’ll pack your belongings into one of our luggage trucks and we’ll move it to the next campsite while you ride.

Great Vic Bike Ride - information hub

The Hub

Your one-stop info centre. Our team can tell you what’s happening in town or at the campsite. Essential services such as lost property are also found here.

Great Vic Bike Ride - Camping

Catering Marquee

The Catering Marquee is the heart of any Great Vic campsite and a great meeting point. It's where you’ll dine for breakfast and dinner, and is also home to the main bar and stage.

Great Vic Bike Ride - tea and coffee

Tea and coffee

Our free tea, coffee and milo station is the perfect antidote to a chilly morning or evening on the Great Vic. Head to the station to grab a cuppa and have a chat.

Great Vic Bike Ride - food

Food and drinks

Feeling peckish? Visit the food trucks on main street and grab yourself a barista made coffee, snack, cold drink, ice-cream or even some popcorn. Dinner is provided in the big tent each night.

Great Vic Bike Ride - Bathroom facilities


Multiple toilet trucks and cubicles are located throughout each of our campsites.

Great Vic Bike Ride - shower facilities

Showers are located in the general camping area. They're open from 1:00pm to 8.00pm on ride days and rest day.


Great Vic Bike Ride - device charging

Device charging

ChargeSpot will be on site every day to keep you charged up with a portable power bank. Learn more

eBike charging

We offer overnight charging for eBike batteries on the Great Vic as one simple add-on.
Learn more

Great Vic Bike Ride - first aid

First aid

The medical clinic is open each afternoon and morning with doctors, nurses and first aid support available. For 24/7 help you can also call event assistance, but if it is an emergency please call 000 first.

Great Vic Bike Ride - dishwashing


Dishwashing stations are provided for everyone. Please make sure you wash your plates and cutlery after every meal and use the sani-spray provided. Please bring your own reusable plates and cutlery.

Great Vic Bike Ride - transport

Luggage trucks

On ride mornings, pack your luggage into one of our luggage trucks and we’ll move it to the next campsite. Don't forget to take note of your luggage truck number to help find your gear at the other end.

Great Vic Bike Ride - bars

The main bar is located in the Catering Marquee and is a great spot to enjoy a beverage.


Great Vic Bike Ride - clothes washing

Clothes washing

Our clothes hand washing stations operate from 2:00pm to 5:00pm daily.

Great Vic Bike Ride - mechanical support

Mechanical support

If you find yourself in need of a quick repair, tune up or some additional gear, our campsite mechanics will be able to help.

Great Vic Bike Ride - water station

Water stations

There are free water stations located around the campsite. They can be used 24/7 and will be marked with flags, in addition to appearing on campsite maps in the ride guide.

Comprehensive on-route support

The Great Vic Bike Ride is a fully supported ride to make getting from A to B as easy and enjoyable as possible. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see out on the route throughout the ride.

SAG wagons 

Sick, injured or can’t continue riding? SAG (support and gear) wagons will ensure you get to the next campsite.

Rest and lunch areas 

Stops along the way to have a breather, go to the toilet, top up your drink bottle and have lunch and snacks before carrying on.

WARBYs (we are right behind you)

WARBYs will help you out on the road with mechanical issues or when you need motivational support.

On route support at the Great Vic
First aid 

We have first aid at rest areas, campsites and out on the road to help you get from A to B.


Keep an eye open for our marshals on the road – they are there to point you in the right direction and love a wave or ring of your bell.

Road closures and traffic management

We work with state police and roads authorities to manage traffic conditions during the event. This includes closing roads to other traffic and changing speed limits where appropriate.


We don’t want you to get lost, so we have signage to point you in the right direction.

Bike mechanics 

Bike mechanics will be available in case you have an unfortunate mechanical breakdown.

Going green

The Great Vic has long led the charge in providing a sustainable event experience, and we’ve always been proud of the efforts of our event community in reducing our environmental footprint.

From our requirement for reusable plates, cutlery and cups on-site, to the removal of 20,000 single-use plastic pieces from our dessert packaging in 2018, each year we review our operations to make sure we’re playing our part in the war on waste.

What we’re doing this year

We’ll be increasing our recycling efforts with the introduction of cans only at bars while also continuing to improve the new food waste system that was recently introduced.

How you can help
  • Use reusable plates, cutlery, keep cups and straws for your meals or when purchasing from food/drink vendors (and using our wash stations to keep them clean)
  • Bring a small container to carry your morning snack (muffins, etc.)
  • Reduce food waste by taking only what you need
  • Separate your food waste from your general waste
  • Use the correct bins to avoid contamination of food waste and recycling

Join us for the 40th celebration of the Great Vic! Sign up by Sunday 12 May to secure a FREE commemorative t-shirt.

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