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Bicycle Network Tasmania uses Ride with GPS’ software platform to share riding experiences across Tasmania.

To help you use Ride with GPS, we have created how-to video guides to help get you out and riding.

Frequently asked questions

Ride with GPS is a navigation and route planning website and app, dedicated to high quality riding experiences.

Using GPS technology and route sharing, Ride with GPS shares community generated routes, voice navigated routes and cue sheets to help you get riding across the state.

Bicycle Network chooses Ride with GPS for the useful features, regular updates and helpful support.

Setting up an account with Ride with GPS is free and can be used to RSVP for events and access public routes. Paid premium subscriptions are offered through Ride with GPS, however, Bicycle Network Tasmania does not use these features.

With Bicycle Network Tasmania’s Ride with GPS Club account, you get access to all the features of a premium Ride with GPS subscriber for all Bicycle Network Tasmania routes and rides. Access to the club is inclusive for all Bicycle Network members.

If you are not a Bicycle Network member, you can still access our range of free Ambassador routes. This option is perfect for visiting Tasmania, or trying out the app before moving to our member club.

To sign up to the Bicycle Network Tasmania Member Club, please send our Social Ride coordinator an email to verify your membership ridestas@bicyclenetwork.com.au.

Alternatively, visit our club account and click the “Apply to Join” button, sign up for a free Ride with GPS account, and a Social Ride Coordinator will approve your request.

If you are not a member and would like access to the club, please see our range of membership options to suit your situation.

Download our detailed “how-to” guide.

If you want more information about Ride with GPS, check out our How-to videos, download or “how-to” guide for members or get in contact with us.

Alternatively, you can visit their website and once signed up for a free account, can explore their help database.

We use Ride with GPS for its useful voice navigation, integration with Strava and other popular riding apps, and insightful dashboard. Not to mention, it is simple for our Social Ride Leaders to make and share their favourite routes.

If you have favourite rides you think we should know about, why not share them with others by becoming a Social Ride Leader?

How-to video guides

At Bicycle Network Tasmania, we appreciate that new technology can take some getting used to.

To help you get the most out of the Ride with GPS app, we’ve prepared some helpful videos to show you the benefits of the platform.

Browse the features, explore the dashboard and learn how to use the navigation. These videos will help you unlock the great routes and rides we’ve prepared for you.

You can also download our How to Sign-up to the Rides Club.

Need more help?

If the how-to videos or Frequently Asked Questions did not answer your questions, we are always happy to help.

Get in touch if you need more help getting started with Ride with GPS.

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