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Bicycle User Groups (BUGs)

What are Bicycle User Groups?

Bicycle User Groups, or BUGs, are groups of like-minded bike riders who gather together to go on social rides and advocate to improve bike riding conditions in their local area. There are hundreds of BUGs all around Australia who offer different types of rides, events and opportunities and allow you to come together to make your area a better place to ride.

Use the map below to find a BUG in your local area, and click on the map to view their contact details, website information and what their key advocacy goals are.

Page Last Updated: 14/03/2024

Add your BUG's information to our interactive map and work together with Bicycle Network on positive bike riding outcomes in your local area

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Latest BUG News

Council elections an opportunity for better bike municipalities

Bicycle Network will host a night to help prepare BUGs and individuals to identify and support local candidates who are committed to pursuing active transport...

Bike lanes on the table in St Kilda

High quality bike infrastructure could yet be on the way for one of Caulfield and St Kilda's most promising east-west routes.

Introducing our interactive map for Bicycle User Groups

Bicycle Network has introduced a new platform to make it easier to connect with Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) and learn of their key advocacy priorities.

Budget backflip funds Brunswick lane design

Merri-bek Council has committed to funding the design of a bike lane on Victoria Street in Brunswick in a last-gasp amendment to its 2023-24 budget.

Looking forward to more riding time!

Now we’ve passed the winter solstice we can all look forward to longer days to fit in more riding. We’ve got a mixed bag of...

Merri-bek BUG push on council budget

The Merri-bek Bicycle User Group is rallying residents in the Municipality to push for better recognition of bike infrastructure needs in the council's next budget.