Introducing our interactive map for Bicycle User Groups

Bicycle Network has introduced a platform to make it easier to connect with Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) and learn of their key advocacy priorities.

The interactive map, launched on Tuesday 10 October, displays the locations of BUGs located around Australia.

BUGs play a key role by bringing bike riding communities together for social rides and events and lobby for improvements to infrastructure in their areas.

Bicycle Network is committed to supporting these grassroots efforts, as local advocacy is extremely important in exposing pain points for riders and identifying opportunities to improve the bike riding experience.

Bicycle Network CEO Alison McCormack says the grassroots efforts of BUGS across the country are an extremely important and effective way of exposing pain points for riders, and identifying opportunities to improve bike riding experiences.

Clicking on a BUG's icon on the map pulls up key information including contact details, typical activities and advocacy initiatives.

These vary from specific infrastructure projects, such as a building the Mernda to Whittlesea Shared Trail or resolving flooding issues on the Darebin Creek Trail, to big-picture initiatives such as boosting investment in active transport.

The map was launched with a handful of BUGs, but we know there are hundreds more around Australia with many different priorities.They are invited to get involved in the project by sharing their information via an online survey.

Information gathered through this survey will help Bicycle Network populate the BUG map, but please note that only groups advocating for bike riding improvements will be added.

Check out the map here

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