Bike-friendly workplaces

Creating a workplace bike culture will boost morale and result in happier, healthier employees. There are huge benefits to both employees and employers – as well as increasing mental and physical health, workplaces that support bike-riding employees can reduce absenteeism by up to 80%.

Colleagues relaxing post bike ride
Here’s a few tips to help promote riding to work:
  • Spread the word about the benefits of riding to work
  • Host a workplace breakfast for people who ride to work
  • Recognise and reward people who actively travel
  • Provide support and encouragement to new riders
Colleagues relaxing post bike ride

A healthy workplace

From improved health and happiness to increased productivity in the office, the stand-out health and well-being benefits of riding to work makes it a goal worth pursuing for all companies. Learn how some organisations are kicking goals in the active travel space.

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Bike parking

Workplace bike wall hanger

Employees riding to work reduces the demand for staff car parking spaces. Similarly for clients and visitors, trading one or two car spaces for a dozen bike spaces means more space for less cost and helps organisations to earn respect as a bike-friendly business.

Speak to our bike parking experts for more information about installing bike parking and post-ride facilities in your workplace.

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Workplace BUGs

Creating a workplace BUG (bicycle user group) is a great way to spread the ride to work message.

Here’s a few tips for your BUG:
  • Ride2Work Day is a great way for regular and new cyclists to get to know each other, and you may even entice some more of your colleagues to commute to work by bike.
  • Produce a regular newsletter, set up a BUG website or intranet site and produce a site map showing the location of your bike parking, showers and other bike facilities.
  • Start your own bike buddy scheme by pairing new riders with experienced riders so they can share their route together.
  • Workshops are a great way to share tips, answer questions and start discussions.
Bike user group

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