Swan Street Bridge works - update

Three weeks into the new year, we thought it was time to provide another update on Melbourne’s Swan Street Bridge project.

The current situation:

At the end of last year, a new, four-metre wide shared use path on the city side of the bridge opened for people who walk and ride. The new shared path allows bike riders and pedestrians to cross between Batman and Alexandra Avenue.

Currently, the riverside trails on both sides of the Yarra are closed under the Swan Street Bridge until mid-2018.  

Main Yarra Trail/Batman Avenue side of the Yarra River

Due to the ongoing works, well signed detours for people who ride can be difficult to understand or negotiate.

To help make it clear, we’ve created a quick video map of the key route for riders heading to the city on the Main Yarra Trail/Batman Avenue side of the Yarra River.

Riders also have three other options when heading inbound.

  • At Instruction 2 - ride north along path beside AAMI Park to Olympic Blvd (then cross at lights to take footbridge over tram & train tracks to MCG); or ride along east side footpath of Olympic Blvd up to Batman Ave.
  • After Instruction 2 – riders who opt to ride along Olympic Blvd can cross at any of the three lights to west side footpath then take the third footbridge (between Hisense and Rod Laver arenas) over the tram & train tracks to MCG.
  • After Instruction 3 – riders can opt to stay on the Rod Laver side footpath rather than using the pedestrian crossing & head in all the way to Flinders Street.


Alexandra Ave side of the Yarra River:

The detour for the Capital City Trail on the Alexandra Ave side of the Yarra River uses zebra and signal-controlled crossings on Alexandra Ave, at the bridge and about 200m along The Tan to resume on the riverside shared use trails in either direction.

For more information and updates, visit the VicRoads website.